2003 Denver Municipal Election
Dazed and confused coverage of the 2003 Denver Municipal Election


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  Monday, May 2, 2005

Two years ago today Coyote Gulch reported that Westword had a great story up about the mayoral election. Their link is still there.

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  Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gulchie Awards

AMI is honored that www.hickenlooperformayor.com was selected for this award. Thanks!
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  Wednesday, March 3, 2004

2003 Denver Mayoral Transition

Michael Locatis, Denver's new CIO, is the subject of this article from the Rocky Mountain News [March 3, 2004, "City's information officer starts work"]. The Ol' Coyote (Denver Public Works' leading IT curmudgeon ) got to howl a bit with Mr. Locatis at a meeting yesterday. Mr. Locatis is the city's second CIO however, not the first as reported by the Rocky.
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  Thursday, February 26, 2004

2003 Denver Mayoral Transition

From e-mail from the Mayor to city employees: "Mayor John Hickenlooper announced Thursday his appointment of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City and County of Denver, a position that evolved through the suggestions of the Mayor's transition team committee on technology.

'In order to better use emerging technologies to modernize our city government, improve our efficiencies and employee resources, and deliver the highest level of customer service, we wanted a creative, innovative and visionary technology leader to guide the transformation of our information technology infrastructure and electronic government systems,' Mayor Hickenlooper said. 'We were fortunate to find the ideal blend of technology expertise, strategic planning background, and management experience in Michael Locatis.'"
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  Tuesday, February 24, 2004

2003 Denver Auditor Transition

Denver Auditor, Dennis Gallagher, named a Director of Policy and Research today. From e-mail from his office to city employees, "Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher has named Dr. Sharon Bailey to his staff. In remarks to the entire Auditor's office staff on Thursday, Gallagher, announced that Bailey, who has a PhD in Public Administration from the University of Colorado, will begin work on April 1, 2004."
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  Saturday, February 21, 2004

2003 Denver Municipal Election

In keeping with his promise to open up Denver government Mayor Hickenlooper is holding several public meetings to get feedback from interested citizen's on ideas to accomplish the 5 goals for his first term. DenverGov has a page up about the workshops. Coyote Gulch reported on this the other day. Come on out, meet the mayor (if he can make the meetings) and look for the 'Ol Coyote.
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  Thursday, February 19, 2004

2003 Denver Municipal Election

One of the promises that Mayor Hickenlooper made on the campaign trail was to market Denver agressively to the rest of the world. He's keeping that promise with his appointment of a Marketing Director, Angela Baier. Yesterday the administration held a summit about the issue, according to the Denver Post [February 19, 2004, "Mayor rounds up scores of ad, marketing pros to help brainstorm a brand for city"].

I like that the Post chose to post links to both .wav and .mp3 audio clips. That shows an inclusive attitude towards computer users. Enough formats for Linux, UNIX, OSX, and Windows users to all listen. Of course they'll let the links rot over time. Sigh.
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