2003 Denver Municipal Election
Dazed and confused coverage of the 2003 Denver Municipal Election


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  Tuesday, June 3, 2003

2003 Denver Runoff Election for Auditor

Coyote Gulch attended Dennis Gallagher's party at Luna's this evening. As you can imagine the atmosphere was giddy, especially when the Auditor-elect arrived. What is striking is that the room was filled with so many friends from so many North Denver activities and so many Gallagher elections. Coyote Gulch raised a glass with Dennis, Dawn, Gary, Ned, Karen, Debbie, John, Marty, Terry, Tim, Bill (Wells), Frana, Elbra and many others. It was sobering to realize that the last time I was at the party for a winning candidate, on election night, was 1984 and William Armstrong.

Ed Thomas did not have the grace to drive the ten minutes northwest to shake hands with the Auditor-elect. That's what the voters saw in him. This was the year of the nice guy and Thomas didn't come off as someone who is nice.

John Hickenlooper phoned Dennis (or Dennis' campaign phoned him) and they both pledged to find a way to work together.

Mr. Gallagher pledged to work with all the new members of city council, to help them tap in to his "instituitional memory." I'm pretty sure that council budgets will be under greater scrutiny from the new Auditor.

What a long road since February second.
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2003 Denver Mayoral Runoff Election

Don Mares and John Hickenlooper spent Monday pressing the flesh, asking for votes, and worrying about voter turnout, according to the Denver Post.
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2003 Denver Municipal Runoff Election

DenverGov is running a story on today's election. They include links to their precinct finder.

Voter turnout is the wild card in this election reports the Denver Post. No one really knows what the turnout will be. In '87 and '95 the runoff turnout was much greater than in the general election. In '91 almost 9,000 fewer voters showed up for the runoff. I'll go out on a limb and say that more voters will show up today based on the get out the vote effort from both mayoral camps. Here's a story on the election from the Rocky Mountain News along with voting information.

The Rocky looks at election numbers.

The Rocky Mountain News has an editorial praising the tone of the mayoral campaign. They also list their endorsements once again.
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