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  Monday, July 7, 2008

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Our article about this year's Wallace Stegner Symposium is up at the North Denver News. Enjoy!

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Political Wire: "Some good news for Sen. Barack Obama: 'In the post-war era, the Gallup polls taken closest to the Independence Day holiday have been correct in picking the popular vote winner two-thirds of the time, in 10 of 15 presidential contests,' according to analysis by Politico. The latest Gallup tracking poll found Obama leading Sen. John McCain, 47% to 43%."

Here's a recap of today's town hall meeting here in Denver, from The Colorado Indpendent.

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Request to the DNCC. Could you expand the blogger pool for Barack Obama's speech? And yes, we know, this is self-serving.

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The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent cornered Mark Udall and Bob Schaffer in order to talk oil shale. From the article:

Udall and Schaffer spoke to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent late last month about oil shale and other energy-related issues affecting the Western Slope, including whether communities in the area should receive a larger share of revenues generated by energy development. Both men expect the issues surrounding oil shale to play a role in this year's U.S. Senate race, especially as gas prices continue to surge higher and higher. That's because the Bureau of Land Management estimates that the amount of oil locked up in federal shale reserves in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah has more than 50 times the country's proven conventional oil reserves and nearly five times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia. "I would ask the president not to play politics with oil shale, but listen to the people of western Colorado who have to live with the consequence of irresponsible oil shale development," Udall said. Schaffer said the demand nationally and internationally is growing, and Coloradans sit on top of a vast resource, and "that demand is going to drive lots of controversy."

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