Denver November 2004 Election
Dazed and confused coverage of the Official General and Special Municipal Elections Ballot, Tuesday, November 2, 2004


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  Sunday, March 20, 2005

Denver November 2004 Election

How is Senator Salazar doing? Some critics think he should switch to the Republican party. Here's a story from today's Denver Post [March 20, 2005, "Sen. Salazar crosses the aisle"]. From the article, "in his first 81 votes, he split 64 times with conservative Republican and fellow Coloradan Sen. Wayne Allard on reliably partisan votes such as abortion protests and oil drilling in Alaska. They've voted together 17 times. Of those, eight were feel-good measures that passed overwhelmingly. But some of the other nine were significant breaks with fellow Democrats. Voting to confirm Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice struck Salazar's liberal critics as an endorsement of torture and the Iraq war. And those same folks wonder how a Democrat who talks about growing up poor could vote with credit-card companies to make it harder for people to use bankruptcy to get out of debt."
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