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The Ultimate California Gubernatorial Recall Candidate List

This is my sorted and annotated list of all 135 candidates in California's October 7, 2003 special recall election. Vote talleys are from the Kevin Shelley's list with 98.2% of the vote counted. Please comment on this list here. You can also see the faces of the candidates.

Mostly normal people caught up in the excitement

Iris Adam (NL)  -  1121 votes
    UCI analyst is a moderate progressive.

Douglas Anderson (R)  -  661 votes
    New to politics, this broker wants listen to the people.

Badi Badiozamani (i)  -  3012 votes
    San Diego polysci PhD wants to wants to get business and fix traffic.

John W. Beard (R)  -  582 votes
    VP of Sales will run state like the family graphics company.

Vip Bhola (R)  -  507 votes
    Northridge attorney will repeal vehicle tax (like everybody else!)

Cheryl Bly-Chester (R)  -  4532 votes (0.1%)
    Single mom and environmental engineer wants to improve the economy.

William S. Chambers (R)  -  539 votes
    Auburn brakeman says both parties are to blame.

Dan Feinstein (D)  -  2586 votes
    Bay area blogger and f/x guy campaigns against the establishment.

Ronald J. Friedman (i)  -  362 votes
    Medical doctor from LA want's candidates to just get along.

Ivan Alexander Hall III (G)  -  2045 votes
    Alternative environmentalist's campaign is "not a joke."

John J. (Jack) Hickey (L)  -  1494 votes
    Laser scientist for small government and market driven healthcare.

Stephen L. Knapp (R)  -  258 votes
    Los Gatos laser engineer wants to balance the state's budget.

Jerome Kunzman (i)  -  2143 votes
    Run the state like a business. Like the auto racing business. With ads.

Dick Lane (D)  -  889 votes
    PhD wants healthcare, teacher raises and campagn finance reform.

Frank A. Macaluso Jr. (D)  -  1519 votes
    Doctor and engineer with "a broad knowledge of many subjects".

Bob McClain (i)  -  2503 votes
    Oakland engineer and regular guy wants to protect consumers.

Dennis Duggan McMahon (R)  -  517 votes
    San Francisco banker wants to privatize schools with vouchers.

Heather Peters (R)  -  384 votes
    LA mediator wants legislators and Davis to forfeit pay.

Georgina Russell (D)  -  1947 votes
    Cute chick with a lot of spirit and progressive platform.

Darrin H. Scheidle (D)  -  653 votes
    San Diego businessman wants us to buy things "Made in California".

Mike Schmier (D)  -  1362 votes
    Alameda attorney will act on the best ideas from his experts.

Lawrence Steven Strauss (D)  -  4397 votes (0.1%)
    Glendale lawyer would fix taxes and bring business and people back.

Crusaders and other people with a cause

Brooke Adams (i)  -  1833 votes
    Dana Point media exec wants flat taxes cause 'the rich pay too much."

Ed Beyer (R)  -  581 votes
    San Clemente family man wants to reform Workers Compensation.

Audie E Bock (D)  -  2873 votes
    Wants $99 "and it will be a secret". Will solve the state's problems.

Joel Britton (i)  -  655 votes
    Former meatpacker and journalist fights layoffs.

John Christopher Burton (i)  -  5915 votes (0.1%)
    Pasadena socialist and attorney defends victims of police abuse.

Peter Miguel Camejo (G)  -  213,087 votes (2.8%)
    A Camejo supporter hit Ralph Nader in the face with a pie!

Warren Farrell (D)  -  536 votes
    Carlsbad PhD sees "budetary solutions for California".

Gene Forte (R)  -  195 votes
    Talk radio wannabe will fight corrupt judges wherever "They" are.

Richard Gosse (R)  -  430 votes
    Single issue of Singles Fairness from a newlywed.

Jack Loyd Grisham (i)  -  1917 votes
    Orange County pro-ocean, pro-immigrant activist also surfs and sings.

Joe Guzzardi (D)  -  1224 votes
    Anti-immigration crusader, right of Bush uses lots of bold!

Ken Hamidi (L)  -  1703 votes
    Free speech activist wants to impose tariffs on foreign workers.

C. Stephen Henderson (i)  -  832 votes
    Monterey teacherand ex-marine promotes Constitutional Revision.

Michael Jackson (R)  -  661 votes
    Long Beach project manager wants to fix the state's problems.

Robert C. Mannheim (D)  -  709 votes
    Want's to toss prior propositions and mandate part time benefits.

Bruce Martin Margolin (D)  -  7981 votes (0.2%)
    Marijuana defence lawyer and legal reformer.

Gino Martorana (R)  -  432 votes
    Restauranteur is waiting for Arnold to call him out.

Carl A. Mehr (R)  -  309 votes
    Will bring business to California by clamping down on workers comp.

Darryl L. Mobley (i)  -  706 votes
    Family Digest publisher wants improve the state with your donations.

Jeffrey L. Mock (R)  -  351 votes
    Compton business man would assist manufacturers and fix Workman's Comp..

Dorene Musilli (R)  -  780 votes
    Sonoma hotel owner wants Spanish speaking kids segregated.

Robert C. Newman II (R)  -  859 votes
    Riverside shrink/farmer shows the flag and talks about God.

Charles (Chuck) Pineda Jr. (D)  -  887 votes
    Parole officer will build desalination plants as work project.

Jeff Rainforth (i)  -  374 votes
    Reform party candidate wants bars to stay open until 4 am.

Christopher Ranken (D)  -  705 votes
    Pacifica commissioner wants to amend the constitution to end recalls.

Ned Fenton Roscoe (L)  -  2007 votes
    Smoker's rights candidate from Napa.

Sharon Rushford (i)  -  725 votes
    South bay contractor wants to "bring justice back into managed care."

Richard J. Simmons (i)  -  1225 votes
    LA attorney will fix Workman's Comp..

Randall D. Sprague (R)  -  1596 votes
    Wants both tort reform and to sue the Feds then cut state salaries.

Diane Beall Templin (AI)  -  927 votes
    San Diego anti income tax enthusiast/lawyer.

Patricia G. Tilley (i)  -  690 votes
    Sacramento criminal defence lawyer has identified state problems.

Brian Tracy (i)  -  729 votes
    San Diego consultant wants to fix Workmans Comp, taxes, and freeways.

Paul W. Vann (R)  -  396 votes
    Orange county financial planner would fix Workman's Comp.

William B. Vaughn (D)  -  882 votes
    Lafatette engineer sees building codes as California's main problem.

Chuck Walker (R)  -  551 votes
    Analyst will get business, fix Workman's Comp, use proven education.

Lingel H. Winters (D)  -  1314 votes
    San Francisco attorney promotes education, environment and rights.

Michael J. Wozniak (D)  -  1382 votes
    Retired cop favors prop 54 and hiring efficency experts for state.

Anti recall candidates - Vote No on Question 1

Robert Cullenbine (D)  -  534 votes
    Promotes a vote against the recall. Irritating animation on site.

Diana Foss (D)  -  1330 votes
    Anti- recall candidate with a blog.

Paul Mariano (D)  -  1927 votes
    A top Contra Costa County Public Defender wants to be Davis' boss.

Ronald Jason Palmieri (D)  -  3756 votes (0.1%)
    Gay political activist promotes liberal causes and doesn't want your vote.

Darin Price (NL)  -  1029 votes
    Northern California alternative progressive candidate opposes recall.

Christopher Sproul (D)  -  1727 votes
    SF antirecall environmental lawyer has a nice surfing video on site.

Tim Sylvester (D)  -  425 votes
    Anti recall candidate from Santa Cruz county rides an elephant on site.

C.T. Weber (PF)  -  1454 votes
    State employees union officer opposes recall, prop 54 and Davis.

Jim Weir (D)  -  2069 votes
    Anti recall candidate wants to run the state nonethelaess.

Celeberties and Professional Politicians

Cruz M. Bustamante (D)  -  2,434,484 votes (31.7%)
    Lieutenant Governor says he's running in case Davis loses.

Gary Coleman (i)  -  12,690 votes (0.2%)
    Former Dif'rent Strokes star is sponsored by the New Times paper.

Larry Flynt (D)  -  15,464 votes (0.3%)
    Global thinking porn guy will fight for free speech and stuff like that.

Leo Gallagher (i)  -  4864 votes (0.1%)
    The melon smashing comedian uses his candidacy in unfunny jokes.

Garrett Gruener (D)  -  2179 votes
    Chairman of Ask Jeeves and Teoma buys campaign ads on Google.

Arianna Huffington (i)  -  42,603 votes (0.6%)
    Conservative pundit turned progressive pundit withdrew at the last minute.

Tom McClintock (R)  -  1,026,704 votes (13.4%)
    Conservative US representative is endorsed by right wingers.

gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)  -  3,744,132 votes (48.7%)
    Let's see what Pete Wilson has in store for Collie-forny-ya.

Bill Simon (R)  -  7909 votes (0.2%)
    The guy who lost to Davis last year wants to withdraw from the recall election.

Peter V. Ueberroth (R)  -  22,238 votes (0.3%)
    Former baseball commissioner wants Schwarzenegger to win.

"Unique" candidates

Mohammad Arif (i)  -  1506 votes
    LA businessman organized the Pakistan People's Party in 1988.

Scott W. Davis (i)  -  333 votes
    This 'withdrawn candidate promotes organ donation.

Robert A. Dole (R)  -  236 votes
    Milpitas sound alike would solve budget with a pay cut and Workmans Comp review.

Gerold Lee Gorman (D)  -  505 votes
    This Martinez software engineer failed the Turing test in 1999.

Gary Leonard (D)  -  295 votes
    Photographed the riot after Rodney King's tormentors were aquitted.

Jonathan D. Miller (D)  -  1865 votes
    Wants "the future of all America and indeed the world" to be good.

Paul James Nave (D)  -  586 votes
    Boxing champ wants to cut state salaries to fix the deficit.

Leonard Padilla (i)  -  1155 votes
    A bounty hunter and ex-con who will cap salaries and deport aliens.

Daniel C. Rameriz (D)  -  1472 votes
    Anti-abortion Calexico musician and car dealer lost state race last year.

Kurt E. Rightmyer (i)  -  734 votes
    LA sumo wrestler wants to end testing. Points leader in CA Series.

David Laughing Horse Robinson (D)  -  5749 votes (0.1%)
    Chairman of the unofficial Kawaiisu Tribe.

Marc Valdez (D)  -  1500 votes
    I think he's running to produce blogging material (he links to this page!)

James M. Vandeventer Jr. (R)  -  510 votes
    Pentacostal gay republican from LA supports liberal planks.

Daniel T. Watts (G)  -  1747 votes
    Santa Clara county college student wants to recind tuition increases.

Nathan Whitecloud Walton (i)  -  1552 votes
    Son of a former basketball star, he's named for a cloud in the sky.

John W. Zellhoefer (R)  -  303 votes
    San Jose consultant will replace obsolete books with wireless displays.

It is hard to find information available for these candidates.

Vikramjit S. Bajwa (D)  -  997 votes
    Indian American real estate businessman

Michael Cheli (i)  -  388 votes
    Santa Rosa man "supports the war on terrorism'.

James Henry Green (D)  -  2480 votes
    Irritating 'coming soon' page with many pop-behinds.

Sara Ann Hanlon (i)  -  939 votes
    Scroll for contact information on this La Mirada businesswoman.

Ralph A. Hernandez (D)  -  2713 votes
    Contra Costa county district atorney inspector

Edward Thomas Kennedy (D)  -  2583 votes
    Trinity county sound alike has no website.

Calvin Y. Louie (D)  -  3235 votes
    This San Francisco accountant has a generic 'coming soon' website.

Mike P. McCarthy (i)  -  1198 votes
    San Luis Obispo used car dealer has no platform.

Bryan Quinn (R)  -  436 votes
    Santa Clara businessman wants the state to default on debts.

Daniel W. Richards (R)  -  345 votes
    Rancho Cucamonga man turned in his papers and left the country.

Jamie Rosemary Safford (R)  -  739 votes
    Placer county

David Ronald Sams (R)  -  951 votes
    Thousand Oaks man will wait '2 weeks' then let us know what he'll do.

George B. Schwartzman (i)  -  10,949 votes (0.2%)
    San Diego businessman - He got the scanner vote!

Van Vo (R)  -  5801 votes (0.1%)
    I could only find an archived discussion of the candidate in Vietmanese.

These candidates have supplied their email address only

Alex-St. James (R)  -  653 votes
    email address for LA policy strategist

Todd Carson (R)  -  320 votes
    Email address from Orange county

Jim Hoffman (R)  -  911 votes
    Email address for San Joaquin valley teacher.

S. Issa (R)  -  486 votes
    Email for person with the same name as the car alarmist from Vista.

David E. Kessinger (D)  -  207 votes
    Email for Riverside paralegal / property manager.

Paul (Chip) Mailander (D)  -  608 votes
    Email for a San Diego golf pro.

John (Jack) Mortensen (D)  -  965 votes
    Email address for a Sacramento contractor.

B. E. Smith (i)  -  1288 votes
    Email for a Trinity lecturer.

Maurice J. Walker (G)  -  1105 votes
    Email for Alameda county appraiser.

Publicity seeking candidates

Angelyne (i)  -  2262 votes
    Los Angeles model and painter campaigns for publicity.

Art Brown (D)  -  1140 votes
    Indy filmmaker wants to advertize on the cheap.

D. Clements (R)  -  241 votes
    aka Logan Darrow, a political reality TV producer.

Bob Lynn Edwards (D)  -  629 votes
    Divorce attorney seems to be running for business publicity.

Mary Cook (i)  -  10,114 votes (0.2%)
    aka Mary Carey, will promote California sex industry for big $$$!

Lorraine Fontaines (D)  -  314 votes
    "Young male genius"

Trek Thunder Kelly (i)  -  1080 votes
    Dude. I wanna be an artist living on the beach with $3500 to blow too.

Kelly P. Kimball (D)  -  492 votes
    Their 'platform is beer". Another publicity candidacy.

Eric Korevaar (D)  -  490 votes
    Terescope inventor. Damn! $3500 buys a lot of advertizing!

Todd Richard Lewis (i)  -  172 votes (last place)
    Bum Fight producer. A lot of publicity for a small fee.

Mike McNeilly (R)  -  490 votes
    Los Angeles commercial artist does Flash and building sized ads.

Scott A. Mednick (D)  -  790 votes
    In the beer biz with the other beer candidate.

Gregory J. Pawlik (R)  -  291 votes
    LA Coldwell Banker agent using his campaign for business publicity.

Bill Prady (D)  -  346 votes
    Co-producer of Dharma and Greg has a lame website.

Reva Renee Renz (R)  -  284 votes
    Tustin bar owner with a short skirt and a flag.

Kevin Richter (R)  -  261 votes
    Publicity for a humor site.

Lavar Taylor (D)  -  672 votes
    Orange county tax lawyer.

William James Tsangares (R)  -  253 votes
    Publicity for t-shirt / sticker business.

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