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 Friday, October 3, 2003

Andrew Sullivan has a very different take on David Kay's report on Iraqi WMDs than most of the mainstream press. As far as I've seen, most in the mainstream press have a desire to interpret the report as evidence that we shouldn't have gone to war. Sullivan, has the opposite desire. However, Sullivan at least actually publishes extensive quotes from the report, and they speak for themselves. One excerpt:

1. Saddam, at least as judged by those scientists and other insiders who worked in his military-industrial programs, had not given up his aspirations and intentions to continue to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Even those senior officials we have interviewed who claim no direct knowledge of any on-going prohibited activities readily acknowledge that Saddam intended to resume these programs whenever the external restrictions were removed. Several of these officials acknowledge receiving inquiries since 2000 from Saddam or his sons about how long it would take to either restart CW production or make available chemical weapons.

That, my friends, is the whole point of the war. It wasn't based on an idea that, with the the threat of imminent attack and hundreds of thousands of troops on the border, Saddam was insanely stupid enough to be building atomic bombs and conducting large-scale biological research right at that moment. The threat was that, once the troops left, he would resume doing so. And the report says he would. That was the point.

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CNet reviews "pay-to-play" music services. iTunes Music Store comes out on top, for now.
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