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Late arrivals:

I'm going for a horse and buggy ride, said Tom sulkily. Thanks to: my father, Lou Robinson

Oh, I've dropped the toothpaste, said Tom, crestfallen. Thanks to: Brett Thomas

"I won't finish in fifth place," Tom held forth. Thanks to: Christopher Russell.

Background: My father passed on to me an... er... "appreciation," we'll call it... of a form of... er... "humor," we'll call it... known as the Tom Swifty. Examples:

"Hand me another package," Tom said presently.


"S-s-s-stop!" Tom said haltingly.

This deviant pastime has so infected me that sometimes I find myself compelled to make up my own. Past examples:

"She said I look like a common farm animal!" Tom said sheepishly.

And (note, this one's a bit tricky cuz it's bilingual):

"I've always regretted leaving her standing on that street in Paris," Tom said ruefully.

In any case the main point of all this is that while driving recently my wife and I thought of a new one.

"Those damned cannibals! Now they're pouring lemon juice on us!" Tom said sourly.

She didn't think I should post it here. :)

If you have any Tom Swifties you feel compelled to share, let me know and if I can't help myself, I'll post them.

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