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Introductory Psychology 100
Includes: Thinking Critically with Psychological Science Neuroscience and Behavor The Nature and Nurture of Behavior The Developing Person Sensation Perception States of Consciousness Learning Memory

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Posted by ScuttleMonkey

on Sunday July 23, @01:05PM
from the ubiquitous-search dept.

With the recent release of a modified version of their search engine, Google is receiving praise from many different groups. The new Google Accessible Search was released as a Google labs project which prioritize pages based on their likelihood of being accessible to visually impaired users after the original search results are returned. From the article: "The best-known guidelines for building an accessible site are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) from W3C. But these are not the basis of Google's new service. Raman said: 'We don't test against WCAG. We think in the spirit of those guidelines, but we don't test against them verbatim.' Instead he endeavored to identify 'what works for the end-user,' describing a process of 'experimentation, training and machine learning.'"

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