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Monday, April 25, 2005

Security, 4/25/2005:  Iron Mountain Admits Tape Loss, Recommends Encryption

By Paul Shread

In a move that could fuel efforts to change data storage practices, records management giant Iron Mountain has admitted losing a customer's backup tapes and is recommending that customers begin encrypting tapes.

"Iron Mountain performs upwards of five million pickups and deliveries of backup tapes each year, with greater than 99.999% reliability," the company said in a statement Thursday. "Nevertheless, since the beginning of the year, four events of human error at Iron Mountain resulted in the loss of a customer's computer backup tapes. While four losses is not a large number in comparison to an annual rate of five million transportation events, any loss is important to customers and to Iron Mountain."



Computerworld, 4/25/2005:  Users Are Left Unclear About Microsoft's Model Approach

Vendor pushes new management strategy  

News Story by Carol Sliwa

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer proclaimed here last week that the software vendor's 2-year-old Dynamic Systems Initiative has advanced from the vision stage to being "very, very real."

But a dozen IT managers attending the Microsoft Management Summit were having a tough time getting their arms around the DSI strategy, which aims to help companies design and operate more manageable systems by making use of information about applications that is captured in models. The IT managers said they either don't know what DSI is, are confused about the initiative or harbor skepticism about the model-based management approach that's at its core.


Associated Press, 4/25/2005:  Microsoft Gives Details on Windows Release


SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- Microsoft Corp.'s plan to hardwire computer security into a silicon chip rather than relying on software alone will make its debut in the next release of the Windows PC operating system that will ship late next year.

The technology, to be described by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates during a speech in Seattle on Monday, will protect the startup of PCs equipped with a security chip and ensure that sensitive files aren't accessible when someone tries to boot the computer using a portable hard drive or floppy disk.


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