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Monday, June 21, 2004

  1:08:18 AM  

The other major time killer recently ? the business is swamped with viruses (virii ?) taking over the world.  Integrity's customers new and old are getting eaten alive by virus and spyware problems.  The kitchen has a wall of computers stacked waiting for attention.  This is good for the business, yet not for the future outlook in PC land.  This is the most evil guy, Mr. Sasser.  This one has been particularly nasty this weekend, WOM_AGOBOT.WF

If you don't have your Windows updated with the latest patches, you are a sitting duck.  I have seen some machines do some bizarre things in the last couple weeks.   Don't let anyone fool you into thinking if you have only a dialup you are less of a target.  It closes the window but these suckers are evil.  You need your Windows patched now, and for always....

  1:04:26 AM  

One of the things taking me away and keeping me quite busy ? I inherited this site to keep me busy. No notice, no transition, just here, I'm done. Some people just don't get it. Either way, it will be revved up from here on in.

In the last 3 weeks we have moved from Yahoo disasterous webhosting to a new smaller web host who I've used for a few years, Onsmart.net. Our domain got cut loose into the domain twilight zone landing with Yahoo's registrar in Melbourne Australia Melbourne IT. We have stabilized and will begin to get this site in order. Bye bye old junk cut and paste hell. Yahoo doesn't even provide PHP for less than 20 bucks and to top it off couldn't fix their own system so we could upgrade our service.

  12:57:17 AM  
What is the world coming to ?  Devil Rays Notch 11th Win in a Row

  12:55:29 AM  
I have desperately missed my aggregator.  Time to visit, it's been like withdrawal as I keep meaning to take the time to crank Radio up and just haven't.   I heard today, what is a weblog ? I tried to answer, I've answered before, somehow my mind was elsewhere on someone else's glass ball.

  12:53:32 AM  
There have been more than a few things which made me want to crank this sucker back up.  Yesterday, well more like a couple of days ago Dave Winer had some hosting problems and amongst the fun, this was posted In Defense of Dave.  I really like the rubber and glass balls.  Shattered, this can happen, does happen daily.  Are you going to shatter someone else's ball ??

  12:35:52 AM  
Whoah, where have I been ? never did fix the darn links here.  Need to get this up and running.

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