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Friday, September 16, 2005

  12:33:07 AM  
Nope, looks like once I turn on FTP, whenver I turn it off and wish for it to publish back to Userland.  It continues  to point to the FTP site.  This sucks and appears very reprocible.

  12:25:01 AM  
The permalinks are fixed too. Well, kinda fixed.  They have loads of them now pointing at this blog's temporary home during testing so they look like they work.

Now to get things straightened out I pointed this to FTP elsewhere and now we will point it back at the Userland servers. Keep your fingers crossed.

  12:22:53 AM  
OK, I think I've returned. Oh the computer pain which stalled

kRadio and then the procrastination which kept it on hiatus. I

think we are back.

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