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My 2 cents on the important part of the Superbowl

Monday, February 11, 2002

  1:27:42 PM  
This little diversion got much attention.  Since Google sends the world here looking for me, I suggest you step over here or here.

Monday, February 04, 2002

  11:51:37 PM  

So I got 9 out of 10 on the Fool Super Bowl Ads Pop Quiz, only missed one, this cause I was so enthralled that Zeppelin fans are now the target audience of Cadillac, apparently I missed the point of the spot. 

Why did I do this well ? How can you score this well next year ? This is how. This is one of the side benefits of blogging.  Dave brought me lots of friends too, thanks Dave !

Also, we doubt there's truth to the rumour that AT&T/mlife.com having fallen flat on its face during the game with its sorry excuse for advertising was seen outside the game handing out copies of Radio Userland to one and all in preperation for next year ;-)

  12:31:36 AM  

  12:27:42 AM  
And close to last, looks like the wraps are completely off the terrorism thing as we are even doing antidrug.com terrorism spots.  Isn't is said that it has come to this to keep our kids off drugs ? this and Phillip Morris are definitely the lowlights today.

  12:24:42 AM  
Best commercial without one spoken word ? M. Jeffrey Jordan or father of the year NOT.  Still a presence (present to the NBA and us too) as you said "Michael ?" and then felt good when it was him.  Wonder what his kids think ? Minus 3 points for abandoning your children to play basketball = 4.

  12:21:22 AM  
Nascar comments, how about the annoying cars coming at you on the bottom during commentary after the game.  Does anybody watch this stuff ?  yes, they do and as long as they keep crashing they will keep watching.  Still way irritating.  Oh and Darrell Waltrip doesn't know how to hold the microphone to be on TV, this is so Nascary.  Nascary ? Is this Nass car ee   or is it Na scary.  Thought the first but kind of like the second.

  12:17:56 AM  
2nd Quizno's with the guillotine :-)  liked this too, odd as the first but it set up what was coming and then delivered = 7.

  12:17:02 AM  
Chris Rock movie ? wow, remember what I was saying about Sam Jackson, is Chris Rock in this league.  Either way, I might even watch this one.  This is one of the few (2 ?) movie commercials which drew me in = 6.

  12:14:49 AM  
M&M checks in, like this one, held my attention early as I tried to figure it out where it was going = 6.

  12:12:43 AM  
Andy Richter show ? They've got to be kidding, think we could get him to takle Connaan with him ? I way we dump both shows.  Andy = 1 (no too objective here).

  12:08:42 AM  
Wow, just checked the email, looks like some have been visitting, Thanks to those who were concerned that since the updates stopped I might have died.  No such luck :-)

  12:03:51 AM  
Digital technology mentioned earlier ? PVR, if you haven't a Personal Video Recorder by now get your behind out and get one now.  I use the Dish Player (it sucks but the idea is great).  You can get the DishPlayer, Tivo, Ultimate TV or Replay TV.  When I get behind on the commercials (or the game too occasionally in the 4th) you just back up a little.  When you get too busy typing to try to keep up, just push the pause button.   I will rant on this here some day too.  Trust me once you get your hands on this technology you will be trying to rewind everything in your life from the TV to the radio to your wife when she asks for something and your watching the commercials.

Sunday, February 03, 2002

  11:59:29 PM  
A maniac, maniac on the floor...A guineapigiac, guineapig.....ah you've seen it by now, liked this a lot Blockbuster = 7.

  11:57:39 PM  
Subway checks in, this is why Quizno's is spending a bunch of money here.  The old sandwich market is apparently very large.  Both these guys are making money cause most of the fast food folks are making us soooo fat.  Back to the commercial, Jared is here, it is amazing that this guy is now on the super bowl.  We actually recognize that this is Jared, go figure, this is a topic for another day.  Uh, back on topic, we give this one = 5.

  11:53:03 PM  
Nickelodeon ? or the owner of ? kept our attention well and the amusement park stuff used well = 6. Forgot to mention who  did this one, Universal Orlando.

  11:52:19 PM  
Another job site drops in, hotjobs.com, "Find your fit", better than monster but not by a lot.  On a side note, being layed (sp ? laid ? layyed ? i hated this in english class) off at the moment, hotjobs kicks monster's behind.  As for the commercial = 5.

  11:49:43 PM  
Best movie clip yet and good tunes again with Queen for 40 Days & Nights.  Good tunes can carry not so good trailers = 6.

  11:48:14 PM  
Wow, now even Bud Light comes up from rock bottom, satin sheets is a step up, whoops back to the genious beer drinker stuff, out the window, nice touch = 4 (which for bud light is wayyyy up).

  11:46:59 PM  
So hear comes this belly comercial, strarts big and jelly and progresses towards taught.  Huh ? mlife again ?  Hah, AT&T, it figures, only AT&T could possibly screw up this bad.  From the folks who took Excite from you comes mlife.com, millions in commercial with no web site = 5 only for the better bellies :-)

  11:44:31 PM  
Its halftime :-)  U2 not super high on my list but Bono is a good guy, great performance, not last year with one of our national treasures (Mr. Tyler of course) but entertaining.  Other bests at midway are Paul McCartney and Terry Bradshaw.  Paul is looking awful Dick Clarky (face lifts and Grecian formula) but "its been a hard day's night...."

  11:41:14 PM  
United Way with the big football dude again, looked like this one started in the first half but didn't finish, another good one, I chuckled aloud, wife says "is this serious?", nah, liked it = 7.

  11:39:35 PM  
SBC Ameritech, too bad these guys technology and service are so far in the dumper since SBC got their hands on Ameritech, email guy worked for me, I liked it = 7.

  11:38:36 PM  

OK, thanks to the wonders of digital technology, I just finished the game and I'm back with the second half highlights only.  Quality of the commercials was way up in the second half.  I think most of these will come up in order but may be a bit off as I was taking notes :-)

Also, spent a long time cleaning up my home page as the IE and Radio tandem are sssooooo slow.  I need to dig into the files which are generating this as I needed to remove post on my home page and figure on a Unix box I could do this with a couple scripts I'm guessing.  On this Windows junk I haven't the tools, well not quite set up.  Back to the commercials.

  7:41:55 PM  
Pizza just arrived, these commercials suck, thanks to PVRs its just barely halftime here, check back for the best of the second half but this real-time stuff just ended.

  7:37:20 PM  
Fox 80s show, you have to admit that the Madonna looking girl in red makes you want to peak at this show ? = n/a

  7:36:37 PM  

Levi's liteweight jeans, man this guys legs are flying, better than Dockers but not by much. = 3.


  7:35:35 PM  
Monster checks in again, they are finding jobs for olympians (Olympians ?), they aren't finding jobs for many with the economy in the state its in, liked the use of red here but otherwise = 2

  7:34:20 PM  
Kids, cigarrettes, just talk to them, Phillip Morris on saving our kids from their product.  There is nothing here which could keep me from giving them a big fat = 0.  I could rant on this later.

  7:21:52 PM  
Ty Law football player thanking the troops, maybe we should just replace all the comercials rated under 5 with these thanking the troups.  We do REALLY thank you !!!! = n/a

  7:20:44 PM  
mlife.com, site is still not up, imagine how much money is going down the toilet here = 1

  7:19:56 PM  
Dockers little black dress = 3.

  7:19:25 PM  
Budweiser, looking Bud Lighty, lady looking at cards held my attention for just a bit, knucklehead buying the 6 pack loses it = 2

  7:18:17 PM  
Movie XXX, Samuel L. Jackson is the latest, he's in a new league with the rest of these boys. Not much else here = 3.

  7:13:13 PM  
Malcolm in the middle after the game = n/a

  7:12:33 PM  
Cadillac, major music upgrade, this IS my generation, Zeppelin :-) they are actually showing a Cadillac pickup ? best tunes yet earns it = 6.

  7:11:02 PM  
Pepsi's back, Britney too, afraid I'm not quite old enough to appreciate this generation.  For those who think young = 3.

  7:06:35 PM  
Visa....the official card of this, that and something else...blah, blah, blah = 2.

  7:06:05 PM  
New Lipton brisk, lots of stars, too many stars, puppets ? fire them = 2.

  7:03:31 PM  
Etrade halftime show, short, some kind of cat theme means points too = 4.

  7:02:39 PM  
United Way, big football player teaching in a pool, short, very short is good for 2 points = 3.

  7:01:55 PM  
Bruce Willis' movie up now, boy we have them all, Bruce, Arnold, Mel, war flick, uninteresting = 2.

  7:00:58 PM  
Budweiser, no Bud Light crap, the Clydesdale's are beautiful, where is this going ? ahhhh....its headed for the WTC, I like this, if we are going to use NYC this is the classiest yet = 8

  6:57:15 PM  
'nother movie, Mel Gibson's turn, more interesting than the others which have popped up, August 2nd ? do they really think we'll remember this in August ? = 3

  6:56:11 PM  
mlife again ? imagine the money their paying and they haven't even got the website up ? and their abusing frogs too = 1.

  6:55:13 PM  
H & R Block, boring,  did I mention that they are telling you at Dominick's grocery store checkout that you can get 10% off your taxes with your receipt ? yikes.  = 2.

  6:50:13 PM  
Grant Wistrom thanking the armed forces.  This is probably the best money we've ever spent.  We all thank you !!!!! = n/a.

  6:47:04 PM  
Yahoo with a talking dolphin ? I still don't understand how we are left with this and Excite belongs to Iwon.  What is the world coming to ? You get 2 points for the fish = 2.

  6:44:45 PM  
Whoops, missed another Bud Light commercial, same stuff different commercial = 2.

  6:43:40 PM  
mlife.com again ? nice tatoo, "what is mlife ?"  sure can't tell and it looks like they didn't get the site up = 3.

  6:41:17 PM  
'nother movie, Collateral Damage, Arnold's terrorist flick, looks like we've recovered as they pushed this out because no one in their right mind would pay to advertise terrorists for months, now they paid millions.  Only in America :-)    The movie ? who cares = 3.

  6:34:26 PM  
Fedex, everybody identifies with the manager stealing ideas but other than its Dilbertness, borrrrrinnng = 3.

  6:32:23 PM  
Quizno's Subs, toasted is the only way they can beat Subway, dart is cute = 3.

  6:30:18 PM  
Bud Light, same stuff, different commercial = 2.

  6:28:28 PM  
mlife.com, "just kidding daisy" = 2

  6:27:27 PM  
Smoking commercial ? looks that way, these things will kill you, no, looks like they are bombing the beach, uh....no, its ? infect-truth.com which points to thetruth.com. Knowledge is contagious ? Still not sure what this is = 3.

  6:22:47 PM  
Rudy is up next with a commercial about New York.  Sponsored by monster.com, this is attempt to play on 911.  Classy commercial, poor attempt by monster = 3.

  6:20:36 PM  
A move up next, the Scorpion King, lots of fire, very little otherwise.  2.

  6:19:02 PM  
Allison McBeal ?  Fox slips in some support for Ally, now I know why they dropped the episode last week so they could drop it in here, Ally with a daughter ? Hmmmmmm......seem impossible but for this show, nothing is impossible.  Things have been rough here this year and the latest attempt to prop it up is Jon Bon Jovi.  So far so good, last episode sucked but  this commercial will make tomorrow's show number 2 behind Kenneth Lay's testimony on CSPAN tomorrow.  We give it a 6.  Kind of doesn't count as this is just a Fox prop up our own show.

  6:08:31 PM  
Here's the big one, Pepsi.  It will be hard to follow last year's entry.  Britney guarantees you will get attention, might be better off with Gwen in the weblog community.  Starts real slow, sure my folks would like this section, picks up at the end as it progresses.  5.....ba ba ba bah, bu bu bah, bu bu bu bah.....

  6:02:23 PM  
Etrade up next, starts kind of lame, 5......but the chimps will get a few points, second half saves the day, best yet for a 7.

  5:55:13 PM  
Budweiser or Bud Light to be accurate is up next, we give it a 3, not much useful here although I did look closely to see who's beer was in the fridge.

  5:53:51 PM  
First we have Schwab, we give it a 5, Barry Bonds is a loser but Henry Aaron helps a lot.

  5:49:03 PM  
Poor Pat Summerall, first play "kick is short", it came down at the one.  Second play, "may have dropped the pass, I'm not sure".  I guess the time has come.

  5:39:42 PM  
Roger tossed the coin, let the commercials begin...............commercial summary here

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