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Thursday, April 24, 2003

A screenshot of Radio Userland running under Linux. You can see the Radio window, Konqueror open on the posting page and the taskbar icon in the bottom left.
11:53:02 PM      

I hope to get time to release binaries and source for my port of Ficl (Forth Inspired Command Language) for the 9210 cellphone this weekend. I also have a bare bones NNTP Newsreader written in Forth which I'll release. I wrote in many months ago but never got around to finishing it. I've had a few requests for it so I'll quickly make sure it still works and release it 'as is' for anyone else to play with it.
11:33:52 PM      

I've pointed to the howto's for using the Symbian SDK's under Linux before but I've finally had the chance to try it out. I used the instructions for installing the Crystal SDK for the 9210 cellphone and they worked fine. I've now got a development system for the phone running under Linux. You don't get the phone emulator unfortunately since that's Windows only. It'll be interesting to see if that runs under Wine though...
11:30:44 PM      

p3nfs is a server and client that allows you to connect your Symbian device to the Linux operating system. The drives on the Symbian device can be mounted under Linux. I've tested this with my Nokia 9210 cellphone and it works very well. It's even faster than the Windows software that ships with the phone!
11:27:51 PM      

MusCL - an open source Common Lisp implementation written in C. Given that it's pure C and the garbage collector is also in C it may be a good candidate for compiling on a Symbian device - a step in the road to getting Common Lisp on a cellphone perhaps.
11:25:34 PM      

[ screenshot added ] It seems that Radio Userland 8.0.8 now runs under Linux using Wine. Here is what I did to get things running:
  • Compile and install Wine-20030408. I used the builtin version of the Windows system that ships with Wine rather than my native installation.
  • Install Radio Userland 8.0.8 for Windows.
  • Ran Radio Userland, right clicked on the task tray icon (Under KDE it appears in the system tray) and chose Open Radio. The Radio application appears.
  • Used Ctrl+J to jump to the script system.startup.startupScript. I edited the lines that read:
    if system.environment.isWindows
      user.webBrowser.winDefaultBrowserApp = "notepad.exe"

    Note that the '= "notepad.exe"' bit was what I changed. Previously it looked up the default browser and this would hang in Wine. Save the table, close Radio. Or you can do a 'Debug, Follow' of this script to ensure it works, and reaches the part that starts the web browser.
  • Start Radio again. Navigate to the following URL using your Linux web browser:
  • Fill in the required details. For me I filled in my existing Radio Userland number and password.
  • Follow the steps at http://radio.userland.com/stories/storyReader$9994 to move your existing Radio Userland installation to Linux. Make sure the files you copy over are not read only!
  • Radio Userland should now work under Wine.

10:22:52 PM      

More testing of wine...
10:08:45 PM      

If this post appears then Radio Userland is working in Linux using Wine...try number three.
5:23:13 PM      

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