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Thursday, September 30, 2004

More from lemonodor: Scheme Weekly News. An RSS feed is here (Thanks to Gordon Weakliem for pointing out the location of the feed).

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From lemonodor, Paul Graham has a new essay up, 'What the Bubble Got Right'.

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Bill Clementson has some interesting notes about the Common Lisp content in the Amsterdan Lisp meeting. I think the idea of a CLRFI system is a good one. Many Scheme systems support the SRFI's to the extent that they can be thought of as part of the language. Having common multitasking, sockets, etc libraries would make interoperatibility easier.

The problem I generally have isn't taking my Common Lisp programs and running them on other platforms. I rarely have to do this. It's being able to take other peoples library source and use it on whatever Common Lisp system I'm currently using. In practice though it's not that big a problem. There are defacto standards around for a lot of things and some very portable libraries. But if the CLRFI implementations could be shipped with the Common Lisp implementations themselves then there would be no porting necessary and that would be a great thing.

10:55:03 AM      

Brian McCallister writes about state and scope of that state in Web Applications and mentions how all the work to manage it is done to emulate what you get for free in continuation based frameworks.

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