Friday, September 17, 2004

A new release of  Io for Series 60 Symbian devices is available. The 80Kb download is

This release updates the version of Io to IoVM-2004-09-11. It also fixes a couple of bugs, has better support for futures and asynchronous calls, and has a proper Uid registered  with Symbian.

The patches to the Io base code have been supplied to Steve, the Io author, and will appear in the standard Io source distribution. The Symbian specific code is actively being worked on and is not yet updated in the Io source distribution. I plan to get a release of the code suitable for that soon.

I'm interested in feedback, in particular Io features that don't work correctly, or suggestions on Symbian libraries to provide wrappers for. Currently this is only tested on a Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7610. It definetely does not work on the 3650 but does on the 7610. Getting things working on the 3650 will not be too difficult and I hope to do that over the next week or two.

11:06:33 AM