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17 July 2003


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10 February 2003

X-Men 2 Trailer
Almost forgot, there was a X-Men 2 trailer attached to the print of Daredevil I saw - excellent trailer, lots of good images but not giving too much away. Looked like there's quite a few good fight scenes in this one, Nightcrawler doing the old "hit and teleport" maneuver, Mystique kicking some ass and Wolverine & Lady Deathstrike going one on one. Looking very good.
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Saw the Daredevil movie this weekend at a preview, quite surprised it was so good. Lots of talk about Ben Affleck being a bad choice but on the whole he handled the part well, although the film strayed into the realm of cheese a few time (esp. with the handling of the Elektra romance element.) Personally, I found it slightly more satisfying as a film than Spiderman, probably due to the tightness of the script. Well worth seeing on the big screen.
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Freehand MX Released
Freehand MX is out, completing the MXifying of the mainstream Macromedia creative tools. Additions include the by now standard MX user interface and tighter integration with Flash MX. I'm downloading the trial as we speak so more later...
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Screenweaver MX
If you haven't already done so, click on over to and check out one of the most powerful tools for creating desktop applications with Flash. I've been testing it out on a few things and I'm very impressed - check out the documentation to see the many extensions to Actionscript that are built in to the app. Recommended.
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06 February 2003

Jeremy Allaire has left the building...
Jeremy Allaire is to leave Macromedia, details over at his blog. Hope JA enjoys his well deserved rest ;)
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GE 'Imagination at Work' Flash Ad
Saw this great Flash ad online, skyscraper banner format with a simple creative based on sketching ideas - more of a brand building exercise than a sales proposition. You can sketch away and then email your creations to a friend - it's been done before but the presentation and polish on this particular ad takes it above the usual standard. Anyway, can't point to the ad effectively but here's the promo site which contains a version of the ad with more features.
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Start Up
Okay, I'm going to try and get this blog going again - not going to promise anything until I've done a few weeks doing at least a post a day 7 posts a week. Probably going to put more general stuff up to make it more interesting ;)
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02 December 2002

Director MX
The last piece in the MX artillery is out - check out the mothership for all the info. Looks sweet, tighter integration of FlashMX and more control, hopefully this'll mean the best of both worlds.
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27 November 2002

Outage Fixed
Ok, still getting teething troubles with remote editing but they should be fixed now, fingers crossed.
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19 November 2002

OOP with Actionscript
Sam & Brandens book rocks! Definitely one of the best Flash books out there and well worth the money. Looking forward to the new ATDG second edition as well.
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18 November 2002

Zoom Panel Component Beta
Nice Beta of a zoom panel component by Marcos Weskamp inspired by Sam Wan's Devcon presentation. Nice to see that there's some really useful components coming out now ;)
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