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Flash Resources

Object Oriented Programming in Flash MX

Inheritance in Flash 5 & MX - David Yang gives an overview of the problems with inheritance in Flash 5 and what's changed in Flash MX

Protolink - Branden Halls method for inheritance in Flash MX, includes discussion & code download


Flash Components - components to downloads and tutorials on making your own components.

Wax Praxis - Branden Halls component shop, cheap commercial components and custom component development.


Embedding Video in Flash MX - a excerpt from the Flash MX Bible providing an in depth look at the video capablities in MX

Zoot Suit Culture - nice demo of the video capabilities of Flash MX (need Flash 6 plug-in)

Sorenson Squeeze for Flash MX - Professional video compression for Flash MX - smaller files sizes, greater compression control but at a price.

Macromedia Flash MX Info / Resources at
[from a mail from Mike Chambers to the FlashCoders list]

General Info / Resources

Macromedia Designer / Developer Center

Macromedia XML Resource Feed

Macromedia Flash MX Application Development Center (New)

Macromedia Flash MX Support Center

Download Macromedia Flash MX Trial

Purchase and Download Macromedia Flash MX

General Information on Macromedia Flash MX

Download New Macromedia Flash MX Components


Getting Started with Macromedia Flash MX (QuickTime Tutorials)

Buildingan Address Book : Colin Moock

Using ActionScript event methods

Creating forms with UI components in Macromedia Flash MX using LoadVars

Using Macromedia Flash MX learning interactions

Macromedia Flash MX Sample Files

Testing Strategies for Macromedia Flash Movies

Macromedia Flash MX Deployment Kit


Logged In : Mike's Favorite new Flash MX Feature : Mike Chambers

JD's Forum : Questions about servers for Macromedia Flash MX? John Dowdell


Macromedia Flash MX: Better Interfaces for Web Applications

ActionScript Coding Best Practices : Mike Williams

Macromedia Flash MX: A Next-generation Rich Client : Jeremy Allaire

Macromedia Flash MX Security Whitepaper : Mike Chambers

Macromedia Flash Support Center

ActionScript Dictionary Errata

Using Flash Errata

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