Sonntag, 20. April 2003

Steven goes XBox: Steven bought an XBox. I'm thinking of getting a Gamecube and would be interested in why Steven went for the XBox. I like the Gamecube because a) we had an N64 before b) our kids like the Mario style games c) there now seems to be quite a few "grown-up" games for the Gamecube and d) I get a 50 rebate on the price because I got an Advance SP.   

Can't see the forrest..: Dave is wondering what Forrest is. Forrest is an Apache project built around Cocoon that allows you to set up an XML/XSLT based publishing system quickly and easily.

Forrest is an XML standards-oriented project documentation framework based on Apache Cocoon, providing XSLT stylesheets and schemas, images and other resources. Forrest uses these to render the XML source content into a website via command-line, robot, or a dynamic web application.

Forrest removes much of the beginner problems when it comes to setting up Cocoon for things such as web-site publishing. Cocoon itself powers Forrest and provides a wide range of functionality such as - but not limited to:

  • Multiple task-specific XML formats can be used (howtos, FAQs, changelogs and todo lists supported natively). This list will soon expand to include Docbook and Wiki formats.
  • Multiple output formats supported, currently HTML and PDF (using Apache FOP).
  • SVG to PNG rendering (using Apache Batik); simply drop a SVG in the appropriate directory and it will be rendered as PNG.
  • Transparent inclusion and aggregation of external content, like RSS feeds.
  • Anything else possible with the Cocoon sitemap. Database queries, charting, web services integration; the possibilities are constantly growing as Cocoon grows.
  • Based on Java, Forrest is platform-independent, making for a documentation system that is just as portable as the XML data it processes.