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Adventures in Zope and XML-RPC.

Monday, April 22, 2002

Recommended reading: How to be a revolution by Dave Winer
1:12:10 PM    

Friday, April 12, 2002

Yeah! The links below were grabbed via XML-RPC from bloghoo.com. I'm busy polishing BlogHoo for the big grand opening. There's not much content (yet), but I've got some tricks up my sleeve that're sure to please.

Hint: What can a blogger never get enough of?

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Alphabetical Links

  • Blog.org
    • Author/Editor: David Brake
    • Likely Topics: Internet, digital TV, community regeneration
  • CamWorld
    • Author/Editor: Cameron Barrett
    • Likely Topics: gadgets, Apple, content management, web standards
  • Dan Bricklin's Log
    • Author/Editor: Dan Bricklin
    • Likely Topics: gadget reviews, pc industry, digital photography
  • Onlineblog
    • Likely Topics: new economy, big-business foibles
  • SlashDot
    • Likely Topics: Linux, Open Source, cartoons, space travel, cool tech toys

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Thursday, April 04, 2002

There's a new toy in blogland.
11:53:43 AM    

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Everything you need to know to connect Radio and Zope via XML-RPC can be found at these three links:


There's not much. That's why it works.

3:20:23 PM    

Behold! The world's first (?) Radio --> Zope, English --> Pig Latin DIY web service (or RZEPLDIYWS): 

I'dyay ikelay otay eachtay ethay orldway otay ingsay inyay erfectpay armonyhay (from Zope).

2:58:44 PM    

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

How many lines of Python (Zope) code did it take to serve the example below?

def hello_world(strName):
   return "Hello, " + strName + "!"

11:02:16 AM    

This is from Zope: Hello, Aaron!!

It took me just five minutes to hook Radio up to my remote Zope site (I program, but this is my first shot at XML-RPC).

Now I get it.

10:27:28 AM    

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