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 maandag 23 september 2002

Great news: Ovidiu will be coming over for the Cocoon GetTogether. Mr. Flow in person. I'm getting the slight feeling this is getting out of hand. We have now people coming from Belgium (obviously), the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France, Italy and the US. Note to self: must find more sponsors.
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Ovidiu does a write-up on his position in the license debate, held these last few days at As far as I understand, he cares a lot about companies hijacking OSS projects, re-releasing them inside commercial projects/products.

Me for myself I don't care that much. I don't expect to make a lot of money on my modest open source contributions, or at least on the 'code' part of them. If my time working on open source is already supported somehow by my customers, and I get to explain them it is for the better of both of us, I don't care too much about what will happen ultimately with the codebase. Succesful open source projects might have more to do with community rather than code. And hijacking a community is a lot harder.

But maybe this has something to do with my firm unbelief with regards to products. I used to be very product-minded, silver bullet et al. Nowadays, I believe there is more value hidden inside a project, i.e. when people work together to create a solution. Shrink-wrapped miracles-in-boxes might promise a lot, but often prove to be really hard to implement.
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Ah - a first rant. Howcome people think they are able to do exotic things with Cocoon without actually coding Java? I'm very afraid to see lots of people using the SourceWritingTransformer and clever sitemap tricks underneath their home-brewn CMS. It is as if many years of worrying about concurrency, fail-over and robustness have been forgotten when one encounters the Cocoon sitemap.

Cocoon GetTogether: so far, 27 people have registered for the event, ourselves and speakers not counted. Still two months to go, and several others that promised to come but simply haven't registered yet, which means the idealistic target of 50 attendees will easily be reached, IMHO. That is soooo cool :-)
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Trying to restart blogging. The itch of telling people what I'm up to had not subsided over the past few months, in fact, it would have been easier to use this instead of leaving hints and tidbits in the various mailing lists I'm subscribed to.

Now if only not so many new features were added to Radio Userland in these past few months ;-)
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