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Updates on access to court records

daily link  Friday, September 29, 2006

Digital preservation

As court records increasingly become digital, long-term storage, preservation and security become more important. A variant of PDF 1.4, the PDF/A standard (see ISO-19005)is a special format for long-term preservation that was recently adopted. More information about these efforts in the government context is available at the Library of Congress' Digital Preservation website.

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daily link  Friday, May 13, 2005

WV Appellate Briefs on Westlaw

Since November 2004, appellate briefs in cases set for argument have been made available for free as scanned PDF files on the Court's web site. As of May 12, 2005, those appellate briefs are now available on Westlaw for those who subscribe to the Litigator package. The database is WV-SCT-BRF. There's a guide available. In addition to the full text of the brief, West adds a Table of Authorities with KeyCite information for the cases cited, and hyperlinks to all cases cited. I checked this afternoon, and the service is up-to-date, containing briefs in cases argued as recently as Wednesday of this week.

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daily link  Wednesday, March 2, 2005

New proposed standard for legal documents on the Web

LegalXHTML.org is a promising new kid on the block in the world of proposed standards for structured legal documents on the web. The technical specification [pdf], relies on the W3C's XHTML 2.0, and Dublin Core elements that conform to the Resource Description Framework. From the site:

Legal XHTML weaves these three building blocks - XHTML2, RDF, and Dublin Core - into a straightforward grammar which preserves for legal instruments the same flexibility familiar to authors and technical staff who today publish non-legal HTML documents on the Web. The result is that Legal XHTML encourages the development of sophisticated business practices regarding the content, exchange, and use of legal instruments by its parties and other interested individuals.

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daily link  Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New e-filing blog

Electronic Filing & Service for Courts is a new blog that tracks development and implementation of electronic filing projects nationwide. David Darst of LexisNexis File & Serve is the blog's author, and he does a good job of collecting news items from around the country related to electronic filing projects.

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daily link  Thursday, February 10, 2005

Open access to peer reviewed research

Open Access News, edited by Peter Suber. This group blog covers the "open access movement," which focuses on "open access to peer-reviewed research articles and their preprints." There's some interesting crossover between the academic open access movement and the effort to provide open access to the courts by removing the practical obscurity associated with large groups of court records.

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daily link  Monday, January 10, 2005

WV Supreme Court Opinion Summaries, RSS feeds, and briefs online

Summaries of 34 opinions of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia issued in the closing days of the September 2004 term were posted today, completing the summaries of all opinions issued in the previous term of court. These summaries comprise the content of Issue #74 of the e-mail opinion summary service. [Subscribe to the e-mail service here. Alternatively, subscribe to the RSS feeds for: Recent Opinions, Civil Topics, Criminal Topics or Family Topics. To learn more about courts and RSS feeds, read this explanation.]

The January 2005 term of court commences tomorrow with a full Motion Docket and Argument Docket. As a new feature, the briefs in cases set for argument are now posted online, approximately two weeks prior to the scheduled argument. Visit the relevant Argument Docket link on the Court's main calendar page to see the list of available briefs.

Finally, as usual, tomorrow's appellate proceedings will be webcast live.

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daily link  Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Florida courts attempt to deal with data miners

In 2003 the Florida Supreme Court put a moratorium on electronic filing of court records until it receives recommendations from an appointed panel on how best to protect the public from data collection agencies. According to this story in yesterday's Palm Beach Post, the committee is considering a solution that would allow judges to screen certain documents from the public court file in order to preclude the "garbage-in, garbage-out" effect.

Other Resources include:

  • Official website of Florida's Committee on Privacy and Court Records
  • Public Access to Court Records, with resources from several state committees as well as model policy guidelines, maintained by the National Center for State Courts
  • Wired News: "Court Documents Not Fit For Web?" (November 23, 2004).

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daily link  Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Court technology headlines you DON'T want to see

Courtsmart malfunction may affect conviction: Collier County Florida criminal trial under review after new system for recording video and audio record of the trial apparently failed.

Court web site easy pickings for identity thieves: Allegheny County Prothonotory's Office is "scanning in everything that comes across our desk."

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Public Domain case citations

David Starkoff discusses medium neutral citations in Australian courts, including the recognition that wide dissemination "requires cooperation from those who see the diminution (or elimination) of revenue streams . . . ."

More information at the Australasion Legal Information Institute (AustLII), Guide to Vendor and Medium Neutral Citations. Thanks to Denise Howell for the link.

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daily link  Friday, March 26, 2004

Law Library of Congress

Upon following beSpacific's link on forthcoming updates to the Global Legal Information Network, I discovered the Law Library of Congress. Apart from the slighly-ominous-sounding global network, the Law LIbrary of Congress has a some interesting online resources, including an image of page one of the Magna charta cum statutis angliae, a reading room, and a Guide to Law Online.  3:38:07 PM  permalink    

daily link  Wednesday, March 3, 2004

For future reference
PDF facing new accessibility challenges at some government Web sites.

From PlanetPDF.com:

A pair of recent news items from Ireland and New Zealand indicate that concerns remain in some quarters over the proliferation of PDF creation and distribution on governmental Web sites, particularly related to the need to make public documents accessible.
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