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Small Photo of Rory PerryThis weblog and its various categories primarily examine the interplay between law, technology, and the courts. Which also sometimes means delving into knowledge management, methods for troubleshooting these micropublishing tools, and other bits of arcana.

In my capacity as Clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, I deal with the connections between law, technology and the courts on a daily basis.  Because a central function of a court clerk is to preserve court records and disseminate public information about the courts and court proceedings, I use this site to pass along relevant news and information about court technology efforts with a wider community. I've been involved in a variety of technology initiatives since joining the court, including: selecting, installing, configuring, and administering a new case management system for the Court; creating an innovative inter-agency electronic document exchange program, which was featured at the 2001 CTC7; creating and maintaining a free listserv that distributes topical summaries of all opinions, rules, and significant case developments; and participating in electronic filing standards development through observing the progress of LegalXML workgroups.

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Short professional history: I was appointed Clerk on July 14, 2000, having served as Deputy Clerk since late 1998.  Before joining the Court, I served as an Assistant Attorney General in West Virginia, where I had the opportunity to represent the State in numerous criminal appeals before the Court.  I also was one of the lead attorneys in the State's landmark tobacco litigation.  Before joining the Office of Attorney General,  I clerked for a United States Magistrate Judge in Elkins, West Virginia.  I attended law school at the WVU College of Law, where I was a member of the law review.  I obtained an undergraduate degree, in English/Creative Writing, from Marshall University.

Along the way, I served as a framing and finish carpenter, spent two years helping piece back together log buildings for a relative's farm museum in nearby Huntington, helped put together pottery studios and kilns for my wife, and polished my skating skills to keep up with my eleven-year old son's skateboard prowess.

Contact Info:
Rory L. Perry II
Clerk of Court
State Capitol, Room E-317
Charleston WV 25305
PH (304) 558-2601
roryperry at courtswv dot org

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