Jessie and Pippa, my two small calico cats (who, if they could blog, would no doubt blog about flies and sunny window ledges).

...me and my weblog.

I am a journalist (born in Canada, grew up in Silicon Valley...) based in Dublin, Ireland, where I work as a columnist and reporter on technology issues, primarily for the Irish Times but also for The Guardian in London. I also contribute to Wired.com and at various times write or have written for the San Jose Mercury-News, The London Sunday Times, New Scientist, Red Herring, eCompany/Business 2.0, Industry Standard, Salon.com, Edge, New Media Age, Web Ireland, Decision, ZDNet's GameSpot, the Irish Sunday Business Post, the Irish Independent. I enjoy doing occasional work on radio and television, too. Before that, I spent many wayward but enjoyable years completing a PhD in the Department of Modern English at Trinity College, Dublin (so yep, I'm Dr Lillington as well, but no one calls me that but my relatives...). For a brief, glorious time I had the most (the only? :^) ) saleable doctorate in the arts -- a study of Seamus Heaney's poetry, completed just before he won the Nobel. So I went into writing about technology instead.

I'd like this weblog to be complementary to the writing I do for print media. In print, a writer is hedged in by time and space -- deadlines and column inches. Also, print tends to be a more formal and structured format. Weblogs are realtime, flexible, unconfined. Here, I can throw out fast bits of commentary on subjects as they are in the news, rather than several days after, link to what I find interesting on the web, perhaps generate some reader discussion.

What do I tend to post? Items that are curious and quirky, links to stories in technology areas that interest me, tech snippets of Irish and European interest, bits that link technology, culture, politics, society. And, miscellaneous other things that have no reason for being in something called "techno\culture" other than that heck, I liked them.

Welcome on board; hope you enjoy dipping in and out.

You can also visit my webpage (I'm very bad at updating it) at http://indigo.ie/~karlin. It has lots and lots and lots of links to sites that vaguely fall into the same catchment areas noted above.