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Friday, August 30, 2002

The Dears, Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique
Progressive Rock - artistic, ambient, euro influenced rock music.

1:00:10 PM    

Kathrin Shorr, besides
Folk - enchanting soulful folk

1:00:07 PM    

Steve Poltz, One Left Shoe
Folk - songwriting doesn't get any better than this

1:00:04 PM    

Monday, June 17, 2002

Dave Glasser, Uh! Oh!
Jazz - Dave Glasser with Clark Terry and Roy Hargrove

8:44:20 AM    

Shaking Tree, Matter Of Choice
Rock - Roots Rock with electric violin and mandolin

8:44:18 AM    

Cameron Dezen, Forever Young
Pop - Electronic tinged pop with great vocals!

8:44:17 AM    

Jordan, Celebrate Life
Electronica - Alternative, experimental electronica with melodic layers of acoustic, electronic and vocal textures

8:44:16 AM    

Emm Gryner, Pour Some Sugar On Me
Pop - '80s rock stripped down to the bare essentials

8:44:15 AM    

Bullfrog, bullfrog
Hip Hop - Montreal jam band meets dj kid koala, funk ensues

8:44:12 AM    

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Cameron Dezen, Mary's Daughter
Rock - Cameron Denzen provides throaty vocals over a very chill house music background.

3:40:50 PM    

Heath Brandon, Introduction
Jazz - Soul-full music with jazz twist

3:40:48 PM    

Hayden, Skyscraper National Park
Rock - This CD is up for auction

3:40:47 PM    

The Cocktail Revisionists, A Murder of Crows
Alternative - High-energy alternative pop, on the rocks, with a twist!

3:40:45 PM    

Sarah Slean, Night Bugs
Folk - beautiful diversity wrapped in plastic

3:40:44 PM    

The Thurstons, Chapel Hill
Alternative - Awesome! Indie Band

3:40:38 PM    

Friday, May 31, 2002

Media Kreeps, Dessert
Alternative - They put the POW in POWER POP!

4:39:35 PM    

Jessica Weiser, After Silence
Rock - Bid on this CD now with your EM points

4:39:33 PM    

Marc Thomas, "somebody told me"
Pop - This catchy pop song features Andy from Virginia Coalition on backing vocals

4:39:28 PM    

Charlotte Martin, One Girl Army
Alternative - haunting textured piano ballads

4:39:23 PM    

Jason Mraz, Sold Out (In Stereo)
Folk - close your eyes and you're in San Diego

4:39:18 PM    

Kinnie Starr, Ophelia
Hip Hop - The lady's got pipes

4:39:15 PM    

Vyletz, Love Me To Sleep
Folk - a Female Balancing act... Call and Answer

4:39:13 PM    

le tigre, feminist sweepstakes
Punk - if i can't dance i don't want to be part of your revolution

4:39:08 PM    

the need, dear diary
Progressive Rock - not for the musically timid - new wave punk rock opera

4:39:03 PM    

Edie Carey, The Falling Places
Folk - intensely personal folk poetry

4:38:58 PM    

Ember Swift, Permanent Marker
Folk - Some things are beautiful and pure...

4:38:56 PM    

Clinic, Distortions
Rock - Noise Beautiful Noise

4:38:53 PM    

Erin Smith Band, Downtown Smog Crown
Folk - Funky folk: Dancing is Required

4:38:49 PM    

Sleater-Kinney, You're No Rock n' Roll Fun
Punk - Sassy candy-punk

4:38:43 PM    

Rachel Smith, The Clearing
Pop - An excellent unknown artist. If you like Bjork, Jane Siberry, and/or Sinead O'Conner, check her out!

4:38:37 PM    

Kinnie Starr, red%x
Hip Hop - female west coast hip hop

4:38:35 PM    

Various artists, gascd
Alternative - Soundtrack to the revolution

4:38:33 PM    

Melissa Ferrick, Valentine Heartache
Folk - Difrancophileswill love this one

4:38:29 PM    

Visit Venus, Stellarphobia
Electronica - 'Stellerphobia' by Visit Venus is deeply grooving

4:38:25 PM    

Leona Naess, I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll
Rock - one of the best albums of 2001

4:38:21 PM    

Pocket Dwellers, Pocket Dwellers
Hip Hop - warning: this record induces spontaneous dancing

4:38:19 PM    

Linda M, This is Linda M
Pop - Great lyric-driven catchy pop

4:38:16 PM    

Nick Drake, Riverman
Folk - 5/8 time but heartbreaking 9 out of 8 times

4:38:13 PM    

The Strokes, Last Night
Rock - This song will never be at the top of the charts, it should be.

4:38:09 PM    

The Strokes, Last Night
Rock - This song will never be at the top of the charts, it should be.

4:28:11 PM    

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Microbunny, Scapegoat
Hip Hop - Great ambient song that leaves me feeling like i just had a warm shower.

8:48:28 PM    

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

John Mayer, Room for Squares
Folk - John Mayer delights with acoustic, innovative and significant disk

1:18:00 AM    

Monday, April 15, 2002

Sleater-Kinney, You're No Rock n' Roll Fun
Punk - Sassy candy-punk

12:57:55 AM    

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