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Bits and Bytes Online Edition (1993-1995)

Bits and Bytes Online Edition was my entry point into the world of online publishing. Back then the term was e-zine. From 1993 to 1995 I produced Bits and Bytes Online Edition. It was eventually subtitled "The Electronic Newsletter for High-Tech Dumpster Divers" and later, as interest in it grew and I began to think I could make a go of it as a way to make a living, it became "The Electronic Newsletter for Information Hunter-Gatherers" so as to appeal to slightly more upscale audience.

Those were the early days of the mass internet. You kids today have it easy! We had to hand-code our webpages in binary using assembler language. They were truly the stone ages of computing. Of course it hasn't gotten a whole lot better these days. Computers are still too hard to use, operating systems and programs are buggy and for the most part lacking in grace. Getting the files for BnB from the internet to my hard drive to the Radio UserLand server was an adventure in technological tomfoolery. But let's not even go there. That's another topic for another day.

I will be expanding this essay, telling the story of the rise and fall of my first foray into the world of electronic publishing. So sit back, light some incense and turn on the black lights as you enjoy the complete collection of Bits and Bytes Online Edition, presented for your viewing pleasure in glorious ASCII-Vision!


V01N01 V01N02 V01N03 V01N04

V01N05 V01N06 V01N07 V01N08

V01N09 V01N10 V01N11 V01N12

V01N13 V01N14 V01N15 V01N16

V02N01 V02N02 V02N03 V02N04

V02N05 V02N06 V02N07

V03N01 is missing in action alas. ET Phone home.


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