Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Radio toolsWelcome to the enhancedAggregator tool code tour. The visit will take you to all the components of a typical Usertalk tool for Radio Userland, and will provide you with scenic views of Radio's beautiful news aggregator and its unique driver architecture.

Over the past week, I've received several messages from would-be Radio tool developpers who apparently thought my guidelines for collaborating to the enhancedAggregator project were a little thin.

It reminded me of my own experience, about 2 years ago, when I first tried turning activeRenderer into a full blown tool and kept pestering Simone Bettini and Andre Radke with questions.

So I tried to deliver in Journey Inside a Tool the kind of information I would have liked to have readily available when I started studying Usertalk tool writing.

I hope it will help anyone planning to write a Radio/Frontier tool, whether it involves the News Aggregator or not.

For further discussion of the enhancedAggregator project, please follow the enhancedAggregator thread in the radio-dev support group.

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 Howell Raines: The Times's image as a bastion of quality had become even more important as tabloid television, Britain's declining newspaper values, and the unsourced ranting of Internet bloggers polluted the journalistic mainstream of the United States.
 Dave Winer: There are a lot of folk legends about the evolution of RSS - Here's the scoop, the sequence of events in the life of RSS, as told by the designer of most of the formats.
 Mikel Maron: Web Services, RIA, Semantic Web, the Blogosphere, are coming together to enable an Internet OS, built on amateur application programming in recombinant growth.
 Jon Udell: In theory a CSS attribute could say: "Don't index this element" - Parsing it would likely be more work than search engines are currently willing or able to do.
 John Robb: P2P tools should be as invisible as plumbing.
 Rogers Cadenhead: Creating text date links in Radio.

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 Gallery: Gwénaël Le Dréan
 activeRenderer version 2.2 released at last
 Release delayed
 Gallery: Gerald Gleason
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