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Ernie the Attorney

From the beginning

I started out speaking mostly Spanish.  At least that's what they tell me.  Then I apparently was sent to nursery school and had to learn English to get along.  My parents got divorced, and someone shot President Kennedy and then Martin Luther King and then Bobby Kennedy.  One day my brother and I moved with my mom to Panama, where they have the Canal Zone.  Except we lived in the country of Panama because my mother was Panamanian.

Went to a Panamanian high school and had to learn Spanish again to get along.  Jimmy Carter came and returned the Canal to the Panamanian people (speaking in Spanish with a Southern accent).  I left to go to college in New Orleans.  Bunch of classes.  Played guitar.  Majored in Philosophy.  Thought about trying to learn German so I could get along, but decided to just try it in English.  Is Heidegger more comprehensible in German?  Probably not.

Graduated and went to work as a waiter at a fine New Orleans restaurant and learned all the really important stuff in life.

Went to law school.  Graduated.  Clerked for a Federal Judge for a couple of years and learned some useful things about law.  Started practicing and learned a whole bunch of useful things about the way it works in corporate America.  Along the way, got married and had three great kids.  Divorced, and then remarried to a wonderful woman who also practices law.   

So, I've got the law thing, the music thing, the photography thing, the family thing, one or two bad habits, a psychotic cat, and now the 'blog thing.  And when I die (which hopefully won't be soon), I'll probably achieve total consciousness.  So I've got that going for me too, which is nice.

How did the blog thing start?

Well, sort of by accident.  I downloaded some software that let me post stuff directly up to the web where people I could never hope to meet could read it.  And they did.  One thing led to another...and time passed, and more things led to other things and, well, you know how it is.  Interested in blogging? Well, read this.

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