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Louisiana Law Bloggers

The number of lawyers and legal professionals that have taken up blogging in Louisiana is incredible.  Here is a list of the weblogs owned and operated by such dedicated souls

Out of the Box Lawyering (with RSS feed) - is run by New Orleans attorney A.J. Levy, who is a devotee of Edward De Bono, who invented the term "lateral thinking."  This weblog provides practical tips for lawyers, but there is a twist.  The tips are based on the idea that a lot of legal problems require an "out of the box" solution, so his focus is on how to solve legal problems in a creative way.  A.J. has been a frequent speaker on the topic of creative legal solutions, and is currently a lecturer at Loyola Law School.

Gideon's Promise (with RSS feed) - is run by Rich Westling, who used to be a federal prosecutor specializing in asset forfeitures.  Rich is now on his own, and plys his trade throughout the United States.  He is very tech-savvy, and is a formidable trial lawyer.  He still looks like a G-man, but he's a dyed-in-the-wool libertarian.  And that makes him a very dangerous foe.  His blog is pretty much focused on criminal law issues, and his posting follows a 'fits and starts' pattern.  Rich lives just outside of New Orleans, but has an office in the City.

Naked Ownership (with RSS feed) - is run by Al Robert, Jr. (last name pronounced 'Row-Bear').  Al is a third year night student at Loyola Law School, so he has one more year to go before he gets released from captivity.  His prior background is in engineering, specifically biological engineering.  He knows a lot about environmental matters, and I'd bet he'll wind up doing a significant amount of Environmental Law.  But he's also a techie, and has set up an amazing weblog, which uses Moveable Type.  His goal for the weblog is to make it an indispensible resource for Louisiana lawyers, judges and legal professionals.  His inspiration for the site was Howard Bashman.  But if you look at what is brewing at Al's site you'll see that his dreams are a lot bigger than Howard (at least in terms of a legal resource site).  Al's site is already a great resource, and if you are a Louisiana legal professional, you'll want to keep an eye on Naked Ownership.  The term 'Naked Ownership' is a play on words of a Civil Law way of classifying property.

KiMformation (with RSS Feed) - is a weblog by Kim Plonsky, a paralegal in Lafayette, who works at the same law firm that I do.  Kim is a devotee of using technology tools to improve the way that legal professionals ply their trade.  Her blog is very focused on giving information that is useful to paralegals and lawyers.  Kim hangs out in all of the discussion groups and bulletin boards that discuss legal technology, so there isn't much that she isn't tuned into.  Her's is another indispensible resource for Louisiana legal practioners.

La-Legal (no RSS Feed) - isn't a weblog.  But it is a great site run by Steve Covell, a Baton Rouge lawyer who totally grasps the importance of the Internet, as well as the use of technology.  In fact, once alerted to the weblog phenomenon Steve went into his laboratory and created a weblog called Louisiana Supreme Court Report (with RSS feed) that profiles many of the rulings coming out of the Louisiana Supreme Court.  He even categorizes the type of case profiled to make it easier for the reader to see if the opinion is of interest.  More recently, he has started the Louisiana Legislature Report (with RSS feed) to cover the sausages, er, laws emerging from our state's legistature.

Appetities (with RSS Feed) - is a weblog by attorney Robert Peyton, a New Orleans attorney with an acute affinity for fine dining and cooking. No legal discussion here.  Just tips on how to satisfy your gastronomic cravings, which here in Louisiana is way more important than legal affairs.

Products Liability Blawg (with RSS Feed) - is a newly minted weblog by Monique Svenson, who practices products liability law at a New Orleans law firm.  Monique is the Chair-elect of the Louisiana Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar.  I can tell you from first hand experience that she is a gifted writer, and one of the most organized people ever to take up the practice of law.  Her one failing in life is that she had the poor judgment to marry me.  But her lapse in judgment is my obvious gain.

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