Wednesday, February 26, 2003

One less source of terror

We still don't know who sent the anthrax. We're still not spending the money on homeland security that was promised after 9/11. But hey, when the next terrorist attack leads to the next round of finger-pointing, the Ashcroft Justice Department can proudly remind us that it bravely rounded up the bong peddlers so they could no longer menace us. [Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment]

Sleep well tonight, your National Narc is awake.

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Just Like Old Times, a Jug Band in a Stompdown. Jim Kweskin is in the construction business, but to a lot of people of his age, which is 62, Mr. Kweskin qualifies as a household name. By Alex Ward. [New York Times: Arts]
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Bettye Lavette - "The greatest unrecognized soul singer of the past forty years"

Fans of Ann Peebles and Etta James will love Bettye Lavette. After reading about her through the above link, listen to samples from her new CD, "A Woman Like Me."

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