Friday, August 6, 2004

Seasoned Travellers

We had an early train to catch to take us from Bayeux to Pontorson. And the hotel was a fair walking distance from the station. So we set the clocks and watches early.

We are getting better at this, Trudy said when the alarms went off in the morning.

It was 5:30am. Early enough for hot baths for three. We gave ourselves a generous buffer, because we knew how we had been dragging in the mornings ever since we'd arrived in France.

But this morning, it didn't seem as difficult. When those alarms went off and we opened our eyes to the dimm pre-dawn glow, it just didn't seem as hard as it did they day before. Trudy was right. We were becoming seasoned travellers.

But now it is 6:40am, and we are ready to go. We've taken our baths. We've put on our clothes. Our backs are packed. Trudy is sitting in the corner of the room reading a travel guide that she plans to leave behind. Ben is absorbed in Ursula K. LeGuin and eating the baguette that we sent him for yesterday afternoon knowing that we'd leave before breakfast and would need something to munch on.

And now it is 6:45am. Trudy is still in the corner. Ben is still munching. It is silent except for the singing of the birds outside. It is not time to leave yet. (The walk isn't that far.) And I am thinking we didn't need to get up that early after all.

Seasoned travellers or not, 20 minutes more would have been nice.

Trip to France - Day 7

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