Thursday, September 16, 2004


We were on foot all day. It wasn't exactly trudging, but it came as close as it could without actually being trudging.

Ok. It was trudging. We trudged around the streets of Paris all day, going in and out of museums as the dark skies and rain came and went.

And at some point, I reached rock bottom. The details of it are hazy to me now -- my mind is quite proficient at blotting out these rock-bottom episodes. I was tired to the bone, incapable even of finding a place to rest. So we stopped at the next café. (The amazing thing about Paris cafés is that they are everywhere. And you can sit as long as you like even if you only order a drink.)

So with me at rock-bottom and my two companions in no better shape, we plopped ourselves down in the first three chairs we found, three chairs on a corner under an awning with a waiter to bring us something to drink.

Trudy had coffee. Ben had coffee -- because he had discovered on this trip that coffee could make the exhaustion go away. And I had a Coke.

A Coke. I had a Coke! I never have Cokes, but I had one there. And let me tell you, that one Coke (meager-sized though it was) was perhaps the best drink I have ever had.

So Ben and Trudy drank their coffees, and I drank that wonderful Coke, and we rested in those chairs under the awning while the dark skies and rain continued to come and go. And we regained our strength and our determination.

And before long, we continued our trudging.

Trip to France - Day 14

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