Friday, July 22, 2005

Morning Rising

Long before the sun came up over the bluff across the river, the sky began to glow. I'm not sure if it was the sky or the cacophony of birds in the trees that woke me up.

Several times this happened: I would open my eyes and see the approaching day and then roll over and go back to sleep in spite of the light and in spite of the bird song echoing in the forest around our tent.

Finally I sat up and gazed silently out the screen. Ben was fast asleep in his sleeping bag. Trudy rolled over and tapped me on the shoulder and smiled her morning smile.

My sleepiness receded. The puffiness gradually drained from my head. And we got up to make breakfast.

Trudy heated water for coffee. I got out the cast iron skillet for sausage and eggs and toast. Soon the sound and smell of the sausage roused Ben from the tent. Twenty minutes later, we were full and very happy.

And now the sun (which has long since come over the bluff across the river) is shining thru the treetops and making my fingers throw oblique shadows onto my notebook.

Morning has risen.

Buffalo Point campground
Buffalo National River, NW Arkansas

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