Tuesday, May 6, 2008

At Rio Grande Village

In Rio Grande Village, we bought our lunch at a little store. We had a bag of chips big enough for the three of us, so we only needed to get some sandwiches and some drinks. So equipped, we drove down the Cottonwood- and Sycamore-lined road that ran from the store to a park with three picnic tables.

But three tables are not enough for this time of year. There was a couple sitting at one, another couple and an elderly parent at another and a family with many kids at the third. We had to settle for a shady spot under the Cottonwood trees.

We made a picnic there in the shade under the trees. It was hot in the sun, which was a bit of a welcome contrast to the chilly wind that blew during our lunch on the South Rim the day before. In the shade, the breeze that rustled the leaves far above us was glorious.

We ate our sandwiches and chips. We drank our drinks. I think I saw a Tanager flitting in the branches of a tree not far away. Trudy saw a Road Runner at the far end of the grove. Woodpeckers pecked at the branches above us.

When we finished eating, Ben propped himself against the great grey trunk of one of the Cottonwood trees and took out his book to read. Trudy and I napped in the grass until the shade moved away from us and the heat of the sun woke us up.

Thus refreshed, we resumed our journey to Boquillas Canyon.

Big Bend National Park

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