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 Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Books In Progress

So there are these books sitting beside my chair in the living room, and what they say about their reader is not pretty.

Economics Explained by Heilbroner and Thurow.

HTTP Essentials, an old book judged by Internet-time that in my humble opinion is so well written unlike most computer drivel that it deserves to be held as a standard but sadly won't, because after all who cares if it's readable.

Restful Web Services, which probably goes into a little too much detail on a mapping service but is really the only reference out there for this sort of thing.

What Colleges Don't Tell You, a book the reveals where I am right now in my parenting adventure.

Intellectual Property and Open Source, the book I've been looking for for a long time—it uses regular expressions as a metaphor for understanding certain parts of the patent process!

And On the Shoulders of Giants, a collection of five never-read classics by Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Einstein, edited with commentary by Stephen Hawking—how's that for an author list!?

The problem is that I'm on the edge of my seat with them one moment (Copernicus just a while ago—what a great dedication!) and the next moment I find myself at the shelves pulling yet another book down.

Five in progress. Five unfinished. So many more teetering on my bedside table and look at this pile in the bathroom:

Theory of Oscillators by Andronov, Vitt and Khaikin, The Key to Newton's Dynamics by Brackenridge, Classical Mechanics of Particles and Rigid Bodies by Gupta, Gyrodynamics by Arnold and Maunder, Lies My Teacher Told Me by Loewen, and Gravity by Gamow.

So many bookmarks, so little time.

Wait, I need to put Gravity back on the shelf. I actually finished that one!

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