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 Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Going to School

Ben was up before the dawn scrambling eggs for himself and drinking a glass of orange juice. He jumped into the shower before I even dared emerge from beneath my layers of blankets and flannel sheets.

As Trudy and I cooked our oatmeal (mine in a pot, Trudy's in the microwave), he came into the kitchen.

"How do I look?"

He looked great -- a warm sweater, a smile on his face, wide eyes and (can you believe it?) a sport coat.

And then it was time for him to leave. Time for the first day of his winter term project working with fourth graders and his teacher from when he was just that age.

"I'm off!" he said, and he put a backpack on and stepped out into the cold morning.

We caught a glimpse of him as the door shut behind him.

"The boy is going to school," Trudy said.

The kids are going to love him.

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