Trip to France (2004)

This page is a summary of the jumpingfish weblog entries that talk about our Trip to France in the Summer of 2004.

We flew from Houston to Paris (with a several hour layover in London). Our first two nights were in Paris. From there we did a loop thru Normandy, the eastern tip of Brittany, and then back to Paris thru Touraine and the Loire Valley. We were there for 15 days.

Here is a list of cities where we spent the night in the order of our trip.

The entries were written after the trip was over. We left for Europe on 26 June 2004, but the bulk of the entires didn't get posted online until after we returned in July.

The list below is in chronological order, from earliest to latest. Thus you can roughly follow our trip from top to bottom.

Beforehand and on the Way to Paris