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lundi 9 juin 2003

Do you pack a laptop when you travel? If you want to process the images shot with your digital camera, the answer is certainly yes. But if all you need is to check your e-mail, you can avoid the hassles of carrying your system through security controls at the airport.

I'm a regular user of the mail2web free service. Today, the International Herald Tribune is writing about this application.

Like Microsoft's Hotmail and Yahoo's Internet-based e-mail services, Mail2web lets you see your e-mail on a Web site from anywhere you can access the Internet. But Mail2web takes it a step farther: You don't need to start a new e-mail account. You use any -- or all -- of your existing accounts, and you don't have to remember any of that SMTP server gobbledygook; just your user name and password.

Typing your e-mail password in an Internet café? Would you be afraid by the risks of hacking, keystroke capture or identity theft?

Tony Yustein, founder of the Toronto company that runs Mail2web, said he would feel funny, too, if he were sending passwords over the site of some new Internet merchant. "But we have a solid track record," he said while traveling in Europe last week (and, yes, he says he uses Mail2web every day). "In seven years, nobody has ever complained about any stolen passwords. Major Internet service providers -- EarthLink in the States and Freeserve in England -- recommend it to their customers. And we have two levels of security encryption. It's all about reputation."

I agree. I'm a longtime user of mail2web, even at home. It lets me quickly eliminates spam without downloading these pesky messages.

You should read carefully Mail2web's privacy policy. It clearly states that it "does not store customized users passwords, messages or any part of their email content. All activities are considered private and are not recorded. mail2web does not provide any user information to any 3rd party."

It also mentions that "mail2web is a pure HTML application. That means there are no Java or ActiveX controls that potentially represent security risks. To ensure addition anonymity, mail2web does not use any form of cookies to track your activities while using any portions of the application."

The company behind Mail2web offers a new service which lets you check your Usenet groups wherever you are, News2Web.

News2Web is a revolutionary service which lets you to use your Usenet Newsgroups through an easy web interface. Whether you are travelling on the road or sitting behind a firewall, you only need News2Web to read Usenet Newsgroups. And you can use a Windows PC, a Mac or a Unix computer, News2Web lets you to have control without hassle.

Try mail2web, and you'll be hooked. And of course, you'll travel lighter.

Source: Victoria Shannon, The International Herald Tribune, June 9, 2003 with additional information from mail2web

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