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jeudi 16 septembre 2004

So you thought that you could quietly ride your bike without receiving pesky phone calls. Not anymore. Motorola and an Italian style firm, MOMODESIGN, have teamed up to produce the first Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmet. This helmet, dubbed Fighter, embeds a Motorola HS810 headset and you can talk non-stop for five hours. The Fighter will be available at the beginning of 2005 for an undisclosed price. The press release which announces the product contains a gem. It says that this helmet is "an essential accessory for urbanites who demand to stay in touch at all times, whether in the car, on a bike, in the office or at home." Well, only if you remember to remove the headset from the helmet. Can you imagine wearing a motorcycle helmet in your office just to give phone calls? Very silly.

Here are some short excerpts of this press release, and read them with a grain of salt.

Built on the award-winning design of Motorola's popular HS810, the wireless helmet headset is the latest addition to Motorola's leading portfolio of stylish and innovative Bluetooth products.
Whether chatting to friends or work, the Motorola / MOMODESIGN helmet means riders will no longer get tangled up in awkward wires getting on and off their bikes. Taking and making calls is easy as all functions (answer, end, redial, voice dial and volume) can be made from the cover on the helmet.
The Fighter motorcycle helmet Here is a picture of the Fighter motorcycle helmet (Credit: MOMODESIGN, site in Macromedia Flash)

Will you able to clearly hear your phone when you're at full speed?

The Motorola wireless helmet headset is manufactured with a noise reducing microphone to help minimize traffic and wind noise when riding at highway speed, as well as a cover designed to withstand whatever nature throws at you.
The battery lasts for up to five hours talktime and 100 hours standby time, so you won't need to charge it too often. When you do, just remove the headset module from the helmet and plug in!

Source: Motorola and MOMODESIGN press release, via The Auto Channel, September 14, 2004

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