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Robodex 2003 Fashion Show


From Robodex 2003, held last week in Yokohama, Japan, please welcome the latest robots.

[Note: I don't think that robots are as susceptible as humans. Nethertheless, I decided to introduce them in alphabetical order.]


Honda's Asimo, the star
As usual, Honda's Asimo was one of the stars of the show.


Tmsuk's Banryu will control your home while you're away
Banryu, developed by Tmsuk, Inc., will control your home while you're away. Unfortunately, it looks pretty ugly -- at least to me -- and it costs $16,000.


Chiba University's Comet III mine-clearance robot
Chiba University displayed its life saving one ton mine-clearance robot, the Comet III.


Doki, the world's first gender-aware robot
Doki, built by Intelligent Earth, from Scotland, is the world's first gender-aware robot. Do we really need it?


Japanese Business Design Laboratory's Ifbot
The Japanese Business Design Laboratory's Ifbot has 40 facial expressions, and contains thousands of words.


Fujitsu's Maron-1 phone-controlled robot
Fujitsu's Maron-1 monitors your home by phone and costs only $2,500.


Sony's new SDR-4X II dancing on stage
Sony showed its new SDR-4X II, an entertainment robot which is not on sale yet, but is already dancing.


Mitsubishi's Wakamaru steps up to the table
Wakamaru, from Mitsubishi, is one-meter high and has a round "head.". It can monitor your home, talk with you and follow your conversation.


Waseda University's WE-4R face robot
Waseda University's WE-4R can show six patterns of facial expression: happiness, anger, surprise, disgust, sadness and fear -- more than some Hollywood's actors.

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