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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Last week, the news was Reuters RSS feeds, including summaries linked to television clips. Now regional TV news website operators are discussing the pros and cons of RSS in a Lost Remote weblog discussion here.

Listed below are a few of the television stations doing RSS, according to that discussion and I'll add others I've run across. The links go to the stations' information pages about RSS, since most have a variety of RSS channels.

Meanwhile, here are a former CNN bureau chief's comments on the way Reuters is handling its RSS feed as a pointer to relatively unedited video clips. South Bend, Ind. Pennsylvania Seattle

KLSA TV Shreveport, LA (via NewsIsFree)


Like Reuters, a growing list of NBC TV stations are using the services of, which streams video from its site and provides RSS feeds.

Example: KNBC TV Channel 4 in Los Angeles ( and KNTV in San Francisco (

Here's FeedRoom's info page:

There's also a more technical RSS-TV topic to look at in the bandwidth-enhanced future:,4149,1413403,00.asp
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