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Sunday, May 22, 2005

From a Sunday visit to The New York Times, here are the stories I plan to spend more time reading, as soon as I finish reading a book that I should have finished months ago, writing a review of it, and figuring out my summer plans:

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This song is dedicated to Dave...

On Deadman's Curve, I used to shut 'em down,
I had the hottest muscle car in my hometown
I could burn rubber in all four gears,
But I haven't done that in a million years.
Hey little minivan...

(Similar Hey little minivan audio clip from

Also see the lyrics, at the Austin Lounge Lizards' own site. (Or see Gunther for the guitar chords, but please don't strum and drive.)

OK, so I'm glad to hear Dave has a new car, but this is also an excuse to wish  happy silver anniversary to "The world's oldest boy band," the Austin Lounge Lizards, currently celebrating their great success in the drug business! (That last link lets you choose your favorite media player to see an animated commercial with the Lizards' song, "The Drugs I Need.")

I can't believe I missed a New York Times article back in March that mentioned the commercial, along with some other great online animations.

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