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Saturday, November 25, 2006

i just watched an inconvenient truth. al gore definitely got across the urgency of the global warming crisis. it's hard to ignore a map of your home filling in with blue ocean water. there are some crucial tipping points if we don't take this issue very seriously that are going to be hard to recover from.

this got me thinking about burning man. i'm glad this next year's theme is going to be green. so much stuff is burned out there.  the man alone is 76,000 lbs of wood!  i was pleased to find that there are folks--namely scientists who started a project to offset the environmental impact by planting trees and supporting renewable energy sources  (with dairy farmers and native american tribes).

hey. slow down everyone. take a moment to think about your life. do you need to drive, or could you take public transit or ride your bike? what can you do to help?

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