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Media, Democracy, Peace & Justice. 5 minute audio collage using the voices of "Making Contact" for their 10th anniversary (5 minutes, MP3)

Documenting Torture: Holding the United States Accountable. On this edition, we trace the seeds of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal to 9/11 and previous to that time. We hear from survivors of torture, human rights advocates, and a soldier. And we'll revisit the official government reaction. (29 minutes, Real Audio)

On a Mission. Scott and Joe were both raised in the Mormon community. But being gay puts them at odds with their families and the church.(26 minutes, Real Audio)

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Thursday, January 4, 2007
StoryCorps is a large scale oral history project run by one of my favorite audio producers, David Isay.   His organization has a recording booth in Grand Central Station in New York, and also has traveling recording booths.  Here are a few samples of stories they've collected:

Danny and Annie
Joshua and his mother
Bobbi and Sandi

for more stories and pictures

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keeping it simple
i went to a wonderful restorative yoga class on new year's day.  the teacher jay kumar says that all we need is breath and intention.

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