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Media, Democracy, Peace & Justice. 5 minute audio collage using the voices of "Making Contact" for their 10th anniversary (5 minutes, MP3)

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On a Mission. Scott and Joe were both raised in the Mormon community. But being gay puts them at odds with their families and the church.(26 minutes, Real Audio)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Where you shop
interesting link from Sarah:

"Co-Op America is a great green resource! They have an online resource called [base "]Responsible Shopper: Global Research and Action to Stop Corporate Abuse.[per thou] You can search for and investigate corporations and companies to find out more about their environmental and social footprints, and read a number of competing reports on their environmental/social record. Co-op America promotes responsible investing/shopping, letter-writing, boycotts, shareholder activism and a whole host of green/social investment resources and links through their national [base "]GreenPages."

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get your robot on!

thanks Scott!

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