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Updated: 2003-03-22; 12:03:41 AM.

Saturday, January 04, 2003
What the Future Holds for Microsoft 10:32:00 AM comment [] Google It!

Kuro5hin has an interesting interview with Adam Barr on the future of Microsoft.

Spinning Wheels 10:09:55 AM comment [] Google It!

Grotto11 writes:

In Windows, to play MP3s, you navigate through folders, find the files you want to listen to (however you've chosen to organize them), and double-click to open them in your MP3 player, which immediately plays them. On the Mac, you first have to find and open iTunes; thereafter, you work with the music on the music's own terms, using the music's own intrinsic attributes, which are intuitively obvious within minutes of a user seeing the program for the first time.

Hillarious! I still remember the time Apple trumpeted its document-centric UI as opposed to Microsoft's "dull" application-centric way of doing things.

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