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Updated: 2003-08-08; 11:46:06 AM.

Monday, July 28, 2003
Ziv 10:57:47 PM comment [] trackback [] Google It!

Google is loosing the war against weblogs. Consider this:

  • On the first results page for Ziv Caspi, all links are about me
  • According to Google, I am the most important Caspi on the net
  • Not only that, yours truly is the number 2 Ziv out there (a trait I share with Sam)

This is just insane.

(Yes, the title of this post is designed to my position on that last point, because titles matter...)

Shameless Plug 10:47:31 PM comment [] trackback [] Google It!
Joe seems to be sailing in a new direction, having recently formed Bitworking, Inc., a company that does Custom System Development.

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