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 Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I'm WAY too connected...

I came to work a few days back and was told at 9:45am, "You're ready for the analyst presentation, right? Didn't So-And-So tell you it's at 10?" 

Crap!  I checked my Work Outlook, my Home E-Mail, my Work Voice Mail, my Home Voice Mail, my Mobile Voice Mail, my PalmPilot, my PocketPC, my MSN Messenger, my Yahoo, my AOL Instant Messenger, and my CrackBerry...nothing.  Had I completely flaked an important meeting?

Now, I've got a pretty good relationship with So-And-So, so it wouldn't be like them to not let me know there's a meeting.  What's disturbing is that rather than going with my first assumption that noone told me - I instead checked everything.  Heck, the only place I didn' t check was the comments on my blog!

Conclusion for today:  I'm far too freakin' connected.  If someone REALLY needs to communicate with me, I'm available.  I no longer will believe anyone who says to me "Waa waa, I couldn't get ahold of you" or "I couldn't find your email address.   It's only my firstname at my lastname, .com.  How hard is that?  I need to disconnect for a while.  CrackBerries are VERY addictive, people, but there's a special kind of Connected Headache that occurs when you are 1 degree of separation from the Global Village.

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THE Useful PowerPoint Tip

Here’s a useful tip I thought everyone should know:

When a slide is selected in PowerPoint (either in Normal or Slide Sorter), while F5 will start the slide show at the FIRST slide, pressing Shift-F5 will start the slide show at the CURRENTLY SELECTED slide.

If I see one more person using that TINY slide show button in the tiny lower-left-corner of PowerPoint…:)

Also, just for fun, here's the famous PowerPoint that Abe Lincoln used at the cemetary dedication at Gettysburg.

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