Macromedia Flash Office Tour

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Macromedia Headquarters at 600 Townsend (58,532 bytes)606 Townsend :: Macromedia Flash team's office (along with other teams) (61,633 bytes)Lounge area in offices (36,707 bytes)Troy Evans, Flash Player Product Manager (49,382 bytes)Notice on the screen. (44,293 bytes)
Cubicles (interesting, heh?) (48,155 bytes)more cubes (47,473 bytes)Kitchen and merry-go-round (41,050 bytes)Kitchen (47,842 bytes)Picture from side of kitchen. You can see the putting green. (52,365 bytes)
Putting green. (38,499 bytes)Mike Williams, one of the Flash product managers. (43,211 bytes)Jeremy Clark, Flash Product Manager. (he built one of the easter egg games). (39,739 bytes)Matt Wobensmith, Flash Authoring QA (37,243 bytes)John Dowdell (49,659 bytes)
Part of the Flash Team's QA lab. (44,439 bytes)Flash logo, so the team doesn't forget where their office is. (51,889 bytes)