Sunday, August 04, 2002

New .NET Compact Framework Discussion Group

From Jim Wilson's post to the DM Advanced .NET list

Development[or] has created a new discussion group dedicated entirely to the .NET Compact Framework and Mobile Device Development. If you would like to subscribe, please visit

We've also created a .NET Compact Framework resource site. The site provides a reference of supported .NET CF functionality, links to news, articles and events related to .NET CF and will soon offer an FAQ & Samples page. If you are interested please visit

9:26:54 PM    

Here I am at Mindreef

I recently started working at Mindreef, LLC in bucolic Holllis, New Hampshire.  The company was founded by some really bright folks you may have heard of before

We make diagnostic tools for web service developers/admins and have recently announced our first semi-public beta!  If you work in this area and are Interested in seeing what we are up to drop me a line.


9:01:09 PM    

Here we go again...

I've missed blogging the entire month of June partly becasue I've been busy as hell and partly because half way through I ended a contract with a client. This caused me to lose the machine I installed radio on and since I can't recover the local radio files...I sit hear with a very short blog attempting a cold reboot. 

Oh and add another week for considering writing a .NET based blogging tool that I can more naturally integrate into my website.  Natuirally I haven't writen one yet since I've continued to be busy as hell after starting a new gig at Mindreef.  Maybe now that Don Box has built his spoutlet one he'll consider sharing it?

I snatched my RSS early RSS and could re-enter it again but that hardly seems liek a good use of time. 


8:57:07 PM