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How to Install RadioUserland

       Installing just about anything on any computer is sure to cause frustration. Doing just about anything on a computer can achieve that end. Try clicking the Radio package graphic just above. Anything happen? No?

Welcome to the real world.

Don't blame the software developers - at least not always. I'm the one who pasted a screen shot of UserLand's Radio Icon above, not them.

We live in a computing world with different personal computers (PCs and Macintoshes), a wide range of hardware on those machines (old and new) and various flavors of operating systems running on them as well.  It is just short of amazing that anything installs properly.

It Doesn't Get Much Easier Than This

I have been installing personal computer software for over 20 years. Radio UserLand(hereafter 'Radio' to reduce keystrokes) ranks up there as the easiest to install in computing history.

(Clocking the minutes it takes to go from installation to making your first weblog post has become a minor hobby for Radio buffs. Times of under two minutes have been claimed ... though no judges have verified them.)

Radio's simple installation is especially amazing given its underlying power and (unavoidable) complexity. Hiding that complexity so people like you and me can get started quickly is a major achievement.

(Having said this, I am sure you will now bump up against a host of unexpected problems when you install Radio)!

Ready, Set ...

You can probably install Radio just fine without my help. Just follow the instructions that begin from the main Radio UserLand page here.

Do you crave extra verbiage? Are you willing to take longer than two minutes to install Radio? I'm your guy. When you're ready, follow the trail of links below to supplement UserLand's instructions:

1. What is RadioUserland?

2. How to Download RadioUserland

3. Getting Your User Number

4. How to Post to Your Weblog

You might also consider what a weblog is before you post to your own. You may be pleasantly surprised at its simplicity.

You may also want to meditate on the UserLand philosophy. Philosophy 101 awaits - for extra credit. Ohm.

Enough. Click on 1. above and go install Radio. Then post to your weblog - an entire community out there waits to read what you have to say, starting with me.

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